Hi, building a Nisha for the first time and trying to build an optimal skill layout for Pistols

The problem is that she has so many good skills and it’s stressing me out figuring out which ones to take and which ones not to take, etc.

I was thinking of something along these lines http://www.thepresequel.com/Nisha/4101410140501555000014105321410251 but I don’t like the lack of points in Hell’s Coming with me!, Unchained, and to a lesser extent Trickshot and Hot lead since I hear they can be good.

anyone have some recommendations or experience with this?

Nisha doesn’t really like automatic pistols so this is the pistol build for her, since all she uses is Jakobs.


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That’s absolutely not true, I used this with torgue pistols: http://www.thepresequel.com/Nisha/4101410140515005150050155501010051

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I mean you can use anything really, but nothing can really compare to Jakobs or Lasers on her. And IMO Snap Shot is worthless, and a build without at least 5/5 Trick Shot is lacking.

Did some more messing around on my own and came up with this.

I could dump 2-3 points from Quick shot and get Trick Shot up to 4 or 5. I don’t do melee, so the other build you posted won’t work for me.

My question is Hot lead vs Crack Shot, because those skills are probably interchangeable for me.

No need to melee, her melee skills are mostly aweful, you just take thunder crackdown because it gives you a higher stack cap. also don’t bother with trick shot, it does nothing if you just don’t miss all the time. You almost certainly want hot lead over crack shot: crack shot only applies to one shot per mag and adds with her other gun damage skills, whereas hot lead is a multiplier that can effect every shot in the mag

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I’ve also heard that Hot Lead can have some pretty sick interactions with Tombstone, is that still true?

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Yeah, it can chain off of itself. Which is a similar type of power as to what makes things like Chain Reaction so strong.

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Penetration, The Unforgiven, big bore shotties, etc… There are plenty of reasons to take TS, and plenty of ways you can “miss” that are out of your control. Not to mention TS aims for you, allowing you to get better KPS, and it allows you to aim at things you don’t have line of sight on.

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I personally take Hot Lead because I mainly use non-elemental Jakobs. The dot from Hot Lead alone can get you a second wind on many occasions.