Hi i just bought the tales of borderlands season pass but i canot redeem my new items :-(

What shall i do?? I want them now!

Start here: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/entries/65264300-Rewards-for-Tales-From-the-Borderlands-Season-Pass-Holders

Thanks BookEmDano but how do you link your shift account to tales of borderlands and the pre sequel?? Im kind of lost here…

Have you signed into Shift in from the Tales from the Borderlands main menu?

no, i will try that next! Thanks!

nope, didnt work :frowning:

Is your Tales from the Borderlands Unlocks menu asking you to buy the Season Pass even though you own it already? If so, then just wait a few days and they will randomly appear when you visit the SHiFT station in Concordia. You will receive no notification of this. This also seems to be a widespread issue.

Here is a thread that chronicles my own struggles with this issue:

Basically, one day I just started up Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel, and found them in the SHiFT station in Concordia. My Tales from the Borderlands Extras menu is still asking me to buy the Season Pass as well.

Just wait a few days and they will show up.

My season pass of telltales borderlands hasn’t worked. I’ve been waiting for a week.

Just to be sure, you followed these instructions?

If restarting your PS3 (full power off then start up) doesn’t result in the items showing up in the Concordia SHiFT machine, I would recommend filing a support ticket:


Hello, I play on my ps4 and can not for the life of me figure out how I’m supposed to link my TFTBL to my shift account and have looked in the main menu and looked up tutorials and can not find anyway of linking them, I really really want those rewards tho and would love some help on how to link my TFTBL TO shift as I have linked my pre sequal but cant for tales, thank you!