Hi, I'm new... got newbie questions. :D

Hey all, decided to start looking over forums since things are getting harder (almost done with TVHM).

I have one character (Aurelia) in TVHM, so far only character in TPS that I have played beyond making mules for gear. At level 53, I beat The Beginning of the End and all the side missions, just the raid version left which I haven’t managed to beat solo yet. Just did EOS/ECLIPSE (I started it as a practice run and ended up beating it easier than I thought I would lol. Woot purple shock minigun!). Got whooped by level 5 of the Holodome, until I did it mostly hiding at the far end (where the “light to avoid” is and chests) and sniping.

So, now I just have loot haxors, raid Sentinels, and BA Holodome to beat before I start UVHM. Do people still work out good loadouts and skill point allocations for level 50 for these? All I’ve found so far is level 60 and 70 ones. I mostly have time to play late at night, and thus don’t usually find people to play with, so I’m in hte sniper and cold money trees.

Curent build: http://thepresequel.com/Aurelia/5251312100114141411153111000000000000
I mostly use a level 50 Celestial, so I have the +4 to Markswoman, Only the Best, Avalanche, Bitter Riposte, and Duchess.

Gearwise, since I have level 50 before I hit the Sentinels and all of the Claptrap DLC, I have a nice bunch of purples, glitches, and a couple legendaries… got a Doc’s Flayer from EOS which was rather nice, Skulmasher of course, purple Tumtum Muckamuck which is my mainstay. Mostly use a Systems Purge oz kit (really wish I could get an E33die kit also, but had to choose between them), a tranquility kit for when I am using guns with higher fire rates or in vacuum, and a bomber kit that I abuse the pause game in single player to switch to to use nades. Right now I’m looking for a good shield with a lower recharge delay, my main shield is a turtle with about 5 sec delay right now, and replacement tesla from the one I had to leave behind to take better gear at the EOS/ECPLISE goodie dump.

This is the build I’m currently using: http://thepresequel.com/Aurelia/5151000000001520311120002120051500100 with a celestial class mod since I’m not a fan of the “1 gun type” builds. So far I’m liking it especially when dutchess is maxed out.

At 70, I’m thinking of a build like this: http://thepresequel.com/Aurelia/5151000000005520315150512120051500501

I’m also thinking of this build at 70: http://thepresequel.com/Aurelia/5551000005005520315150012120051500200

Your skill build looks fine (You got the right one point wonders like Bitter Riposte and Winter’s Veil), and I’m sure you’ll fill out the rest of your points as you level up in UVHM.

You might want to start looking at some Tediore Shields, preferably one with an elemental immunity, as they break really easily (which is good for a bunch of your skills) and they charge up really quickly. It’s a more offensive choice, so you’ll be really squishy, but I would definitely suggest trying it out.

If you start having trouble with the Jakobs Route in UVHM, take a look at @Derch’s Deputy Aurelia video series where he does the story of UVHM using mostly the Flayer.

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Was just going to say Derch’s Aurelia build/ series should help you with the flayer aspect of your gear as it did me. The actual skill build might not be your thing though due to flayer being only one of your main gear where as Derch’s build and Aurelia playthrough is geared mainly around the flayer.

I just mentioned the Flayer as one of my legendaries, but I don’t use it especially much–although it is nice for big frozen enemies, worked rather well on some BA glitches and for some Ophas and Wraiths that spawned too close to use a sniper easily in the Holodome. I usually have a Muckamuck equipeped, switch to skullmasher for closer range, Flayer for really close, or to Fremington for shots that are far enough out I need more zoom on.