HI looking for a shock and a fire interfacer(op8).I have other Op8 gear I can trade for

I have all the Elemental norfleets,Extra grog nozzles,Nasty ogre,a perfect grounded the bee,rustlers twister,and casual swordplosion,perfect 94%sham,and perfect Sandhawks.
GT-Riize v on xb1

I might be able to help. See my post for stuff I’m looking for UPDATED - LF OP8 gear, lots of other OP8 gear to trade

Any particular prefix of interfacer?

For practicable I have bandit stock fire and jakobs stock shock, both have a Hyperion grip.

Practicible hyper grip.

I can help.

GT: l THE l HULK l

I’m on in the evenings mostly 9 pm CT or later

I’ll add you.