Hi, My name is [insert name], and I suck at Melka

But seriously, I love playing the character, but I suck. I need help. I have watched others tear up the field with Melka (high scores, much coolness, etc). But in my hands she is a thing of misery. I run into stuff, get caught on things, do little damage, go down often. Please O’great and wise Melka-Lords, lay your wisdom on me.

I want to love Melka, I really do but wow.

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Welcome to the Melka subforums my man! We are an ornery but helpful lot. So first things first, how do you build her and what gear do you use?

Here’s a blank build template so you can show us if you don’t want to type it out.

I can link several guides if that helps. It’s how I got my feet wet.


Thanks @Saboteur-6 for the shout out :slight_smile:

My guide should have everything you need to improve your play with her.

The biggest thing about Mellka is that the player’s knowledge of everything BUT Mellka makes up most of her success. Knowledge of the opponent’s skills and abilities is the best weapon you have! You really have to be good at quickly analyzing a situation and figuring out your best course of action or in some cases, whether it’s worth it to go for that kill.

Additionally because she’s flexible you should be clear in your goal. For example, I play her as a Shard Collecter/Roamer so I have Gear Mods that reflect that. But if you want to be more on the Assassin side of things, your playstyle is going to be quite different than mine.

To make some points towards your downfalls:

  • “I run into stuff” - Mellka is very mobile and Spike/Claw Lunge make that happen. Learn to use them to get out of situations and to get access to parts of the map you normally. Jumping + Claw Lunge can get you out of many situations. Practice while you’re running around in Story Mode!

  • “I get caught on things” - Well part of that is Battleborn’s poor environment collision. Not much to do about that. Spike (instead of jump) + Claw Lunge can clear most things if you need to get away though.

  • “I do little damage” - Early on Mellka is more of a pest than anything. Once she gets her ultimate though, squishies melt. Overall, Mellka IS a damage dealer but unlike characters like Rath, Marquis, Phoebe, etc. she is long term. Harass harass harass. You have to pick your fights but her poison and Pistol can whittle down plenty. Once you get your ultimate though her burst potential is very nice and you have to sort of adopt a combo oriented style of play when killing. For example a common combo I do on unsuspecting targets is

Sprint up to them, shooting a nade at them to poison
Ult in the air
If they run I just empty my pistol into them
If they stay I’ll melee until they start running, then shoot them.
This leaves my Claw Lunge to be used for escape

This whole process can take down characters such as Marquis, Orendi, Oscar Mike, and other squishies from full to 0 (or very close to 0) if done right.

  • “I go down often” - Assess quickly if you’re able to stay and fight. Always lean to the safe side and use that Spike + Claw Lunge earlier rather than later. Mellka is squishy and if she gets hard CC’d it can be lights out if she can’t activate her Spike + Claw Lunge in time. Again, knowing your opponents means you know the risk and reward of potential targets better. There’s a reason my K/D/A is quite good on Mellka; I know how to pick my fights and staying alive is #1 on my priority list.

Feel free to ask anything about Mellka! I, as well as others here, would be happy to answer anything :slight_smile:


Yes, I believe that I am getting an understanding. I am used to playing Reyana, Ghalt, ISIC etc. No Eldrid, the whole no shieldishness thing. Relying on regen. I will practice my combos. I think I am getting things out of order. I know I am underusing Melka’s Ultimate. Tips on gear (preferably with examples). I am currently using a shard, reload and health relics.

Thanks for your help.

@Kiratze No Problem man. It’s a solid guide.

I’m still messing around with Gear too as it accumulates and have since been impressed with using +Max Shield in conjunction with Max health, Health Regen, Reload Speed, Movement Speed, Attack Damage. Not all of that together mind you just some variation with shields. I’m thinking I might have 2-3 separate build options for her based on my team composition.

I’m also moving away from cheap builds in favor of more expensive builds since it doesn’t really seem to be that big of a game changer early game and you can fund expensive builds pretty quickly. Especially on Overgrowth.

I’ve been doing extremely well with Mellka and I’ve found that the 2-3 guides I’ve looked at don’t seem to see eye to eye with me. Mellka fit me like a glove, I was winning games with her since the first game I played with her. I play very aggressively, naturally, and that is why I went with defensive gear. +shield is amazing, +health is great too, I think it is better than +heath regen. I run with +200 shield, +600health, and +10% damage. I use extremely expensive gear because I find it super easy to collect shards with her.

So, on the point of shards. Mellka is not too powerful at low levels, she has all of her mobility, but is missing her AoE and damaging abilities. I assist in the firefight as I can, meleeing out of place shooters and shooting melee characters. Then, once I’m below 30%, I retreat and farm shards for a little while, while I wait for my health to regen. Or I even teleport to base and recollect shards from there. At low levels it is important for you to have a focus on leveling up. Get xp by tagging or killing minions. I don’t build stuff with her, but that helps with xp, too.

Once you hit level 5 things do become easy, and she gets very powerful through late game. This is my signature combo that I haven’t heard of anyone recommending…

Fire pistol while moving towards target (preferably flank or rear).
Reload and fire grenade by the time you get to them.
Once at them, Spike into the air and look down on them.
Aim at their head and Claw Lunge down on them.
Get some melee hits in on them. If they are melee and paying attention to you than back up and spray fire, maybe turn and sprint. If they are ranged, or melee and not paying attention to you, continue meleeing them and try to get to their back.

You really need to try Claw Lunge while aiming straight up. When you are off the ground, claw lunge goes so far. You want to use this ability to leave combat. Jump+Lunge, Spike+Lunge, or simply looking up and Lunging… you’ll fly out of combat like Superman. I use this to escape all of the time.

Mellka is best in side of the firing line. Leave her near the group, in the front of everyone except melee people. Defend the fire line by charging any foe’s who get too close. Your job is to shoot and mainly drop venom on everyone. Venom basically negates shields from recharging and prevents your foe’s from gaining any edge. Once an enemy gets too close, or moves too far to the flank, you can strike and strike fast. Spike them and claw lunge their face and hit them some and they should run.

Another nice thing, you can go anywhere and get back to base in seconds. If your whole enemy team is dog piling right outside your sentry, or they are turtling in front of theirs, run in really quick from an odd angle, run straight into the group of enemies… drop the spike AoE on the ground and lunge away. You’ll venom everyone, damage them some, and leave before anyone is the wiser.

If you are familiar with Caldarius, Mellka is like a micro version of Caldarius. You are a Hit and Run character. You do not run nearly as far and you are not as fast, you are a micro hit and run character. You should always be moving and jumping around. You should always be spinning around your foe, switching between shooting and melee, whichever suits you in the moment, causing havoc and chaos. Run into combat and get some venom and some hits, then run out for a moment before you return. Doing this makes it hard for your enemy’s to focus on a target.

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Mellka is amazing, and in my opinion you have to play her as a hit and run character. She fits my play style perfectly, and with the help of Kiratze’s guide, I was able to grasp how to play her very quickly.

In the beginning, I was dying fairly quickly, but as of right now, I’m on an 13 game win streak, where I’m currently 53-3 with 50 assists,over both incursion and meltdown, all playing solo without a group.

The biggest tip I have is to read that guide, and just know to ALWAYS be mobile.

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53 kills with 50 assists???..

I’ll show you the games if you want :slight_smile:

More than half of them ended in surrenders though, with me going 4-0 and then the opponent surrendered. Finally lost for the first time today because I had to ditch my team with 5 minutes left to do something, and lost 74-72. I was able to win 14 games in a row today, and 15/17 overall for the entire day.

Through today I went a combined:
131-28 with 105 assists
I played 8 matches of Meltdown and 9 of Incursion. (The first loss I had was a 169-21 loss in which I went 0-1-1)

I thought you meant in a single game.