Hi-Res Character Shots & Animations

So for about a week or so now (ever since I unlocked the secret of the Vault and FINALLY got character animations working), I’ve been posting a ton of high resolution screenshots and character animations for use as reference material for artists and just so people can see their favourite characters outside of the game in ways they may not have seen before! It’s way too much stuff to repost in other places, so instead I have created these things called “Moments” that basically suck everything into a single stream for easy viewing. :sunglasses:

I hope to eventually put my web tool up on my website so anyone can take their own captures but it is probably still a ways off until that is even possible (there are boring technical things such as how the heck am I going to put 4GB+ of data online and not suck away bandwidth) so I’m capturing a lot of stuff for people to use now while I continue working on it. The Unofficial Fanart & Cosplay Reference Guide is also a result of me trying to make it useful to people even though I can’t let you folks use it yet! :wink:

There’s still a ton of stuff I can’t even render yet so if you are wondering why a particular character isn’t present, there’s probably a reason for it (not me just being slack). :sunglasses:


dude that’s awesome. This is what I wanted to do with my BB skin maker but I was only able to get the .obj files so I had no rig or skin info :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah I quite liked your project for what it was trying to accomplish! You also got something up and running pretty quick! It’s taken me a lot longer and several late nights banging my head against a wall to get stuff like animations working and there are a bunch of other hurtles I would have to figure out before I can put mine up for others to use. :confused:

I’m going to take a crack at implementing Materials properly next, which can be instanced and then sub instanced again as many times as the designer wants. Need to write a recursive loop that loads all of its parent settings into a single material object.

What does all this techno jargon mean? Well, looking at a screenshot I took of Beatrix last week, you’ll note her injector is solid red. That’s because I’m loading in a MaterialInstance further up in the inheritance chain that actually references which textures to use.

Yesterday, I wrote a manual version of her material data and applied the extra opacity setting found in a sub-instance material file…

Suddenly it looks a lot more like glass tubing and less like a solid red cylinder!! This is just an example of the kind of extra data I will get once I can properly load materials and all their inheritance!


Some cool little tidbits on enemy types!

Note: Lately the forums have been screwing up images when I upload them so I’m just going to link to the tweets with the images in them.

The majority of Minions are grouped into two types; Shields and Soldiers. This means every class of that type shares the same base geometry and assets.

Shield Minions

  • M1.Gun Bot
  • M1.Blade Bot
  • M1.Boom Bot
  • M1.Rocketeer Bot
  • MX Elite Bot

Soldier Minions

  • MX.Striker
  • MX.Deadeye
  • MX.Ronin
  • MX.Bulwark
  • H3NCHM4N

As for Thralls, they all share the same body that gets scaled up or down and gains armor and weapons based on the class. Even Summoned/Primal Thralls use the same mesh, the only difference is their head is scaled 2x (aka like Big Head Mode) and their animations drastically change their stance, making them look more quadrupedal.

Doing characters this way is very cost/time efficient and it keeps their designs consistent across all classes. To some this might seem obvious, but others may not have even realized that all these different enemies they fight actually share a lot in common with each other!