Hi, Team of Level <10. Meet enemy team of Level >40

By what parameters is Matchmaking judged? It can’t be by Command Rank.

Whatever the limitations are, are they disregarded after a certain amount of time has passed for the sake of finding a game? Because I’d rather wait 15 minutes to get a game where everyone is around the same level than one where the enemy team is drastically weaker or stronger than my own.

I guess it isn’t a big deal for the team with more longevity. We all know Command Rank isn’t completely significant of skill. But at the same time, a fair amount can be assumed from a high or low Command Rank.

Higher Command Ranks not only mean more play, of course. It means more characters, more loadouts, more gear. More familiarity. How are new players to feel when they are matched up against these people?

There were Closed Technical AND Open Betas. Why was this not addressed, or if it has been, in what manner was it done?

The matchmaking is bad yes, but command rank means nothing in regards to skill. Stop assuming that because they are a higher level that they must be way better at the game than your team.


As someone who only played PvE so far, I´m sure everyone could crush me in PvP-maps regardles of my CR.
Of course its a bit frightening to face a CR55, but maybe its his very first time on this mode/map and he´ll die more often than you might think.

PS: As far as I know CR/matchmaking issues were adressed ALOT here in the forums and the devs keep a close eye onto it. That it was changed fro CTT to Beta and changed again to release is a clear hint that the devs are not satisfied with the status quo as well.
I heared that K:D ratio could be a parameter for matchmaking, but I´m not sure that this is more than a rumor.

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Excuse me, did you miss the part where I said I KNEW that Command Rank doesn’t directly associate to skill?

Nice attempt in trying to assert how clearly more knowledgeable you are and your obvious solutions, but try paying a little bit closer attention next time, maybe?

I didn’t miss that part, but I disagree with the other assumptions you made about command rank as well.

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Well then you are flat out incorrect. Good day.

That seems like a silly property upon which to base matchmaking, especially when considering how many variables can actually play into that.

Good players on their own, bad players on their own, good parties, bad parties, mixed parties, bad team comp, good team comp, feeding, snowballing, trying a new character, a new build. Shoot, sometimes we just have an off day, or a spectacular one. All of these things, plus the fact that K/D is so fluid in its own right, make it much too flux of a parameter.

That said, transparency is the request, so let’s see what we get! If K/D IS the aspect used, at least we’ll know.

This is what Jythri (Creative Director) said on a Twitch stream, which has been noted in a thread on Reddit:

Under edit 4:

[QUOTE]Matchmaking. Your player level score is not used at all in matchmaking. They use a hidden (for now) ELO score to facilitate matchmaking. ELO rating is more than K/D average, it’s based on wins and losses, based on who you win or lose too. The stronger the opponent, the more ELO rating you get. If you lose to a weaker opponent, you lose more ELO.[/QUOTE]


Thank you for typing such a patient response. It’s refreshing.

Command Rank doesn’t necessarily mean a better player. More experienced, yes. but better? no. I agree it’s intimidating though when you look at your team and then at theirs just knowing they have spent so much more time than you have. I have a fairly high command rank though, and I suck at PVP, so I hope they don’t base matchmaking off rank alone.
Maybe matchmaking based off of kill to death ratio would be good, like a previous response mentioned. The matchmaking definitely needs some improvement. Especially as someone who defaults to PVE matches, I can’t be expected to play well in PVP just because I have a high rank. I can’t do that haha that’s why I play so much PVE.

If not KD ratio based matchmaking, then maybe some other type of gameplay statistic could be used to analyze a person’s placement in a team.

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Actually that was exacty my thoughts, thats why I´m surprised the “Is K:D really a deal”-topic is still alive…

I know that there are even more parameters & variables that I can imagine, I never would say/write something as I´d be sure, since I know I´m just an average gamer with mostly no knowledge about informatics.

Did anyone ever summoned the mighty @Jythri to ask him which parameters inflict Matchmaking?
I think even to know the first 2-3 most influencing parameters would help alot to clearify all the confusion within the fanbase.
Randy, if you read this: Thanks for your hard work and keep the chin up! :heart:

PS: Ninjad by a informative response from General @Martok :slight_smile:


I see. So then, it is assumed that people of low ELO will only be matched with those of low ELO most frequently. However, the converse seems to be the case. All over people are complaining about matchmaking, of course, because online competitive games are like that.

My submission is not a complaint, but of inquiry. It is apparent that little is known about this process, and whatever process that is is not working to the developers’ expectation.

I guess the question is, now, since the expected isn’t occurring, what is being done about that?

I would assume over time, the longer people play, the ELO will become more effective. I now have 14 matches with 9 wins. Only gripe so far is Incursion “snowball” effect as people call it. Once you start slipping, it is VERY difficult to come back from. I would also suggest to the new comers to play private matches against bots before jumping in. Learn the map/objectives/ buildable locations etc.

If you read through that Reddit post (well worth doing btw, it’s very informative) you’ll see that the developers are monitoring data on all aspects of the game. This is said regarding balance changes (under Edit 8):

[QUOTE]Caveat for “balance nerds”: Balance is something that they’re being deliberate and intelligent about (ex: Galilea). It’s a “complex beast that looks different from the dev seat” because he’s been in the player seat before wanting devs to fix things. A lot of balance issues that people feel are the problems may not be actually so, once you can look at the actual numbers. They do several days of data analysis to determine that if a balance issue is really true or not. They create “data checkpoints” so that they can check the numbers before and after beta testing. Over time, they can get smarter about how a change affects things.[/QUOTE]


[QUOTE]Therefore Gearbox is going to be careful with balance changes. Not that they won’t happen, but they want to do it in the best way possible. “Slow balance changes from us does not mean that we’re not listening.” They want to be responsible with the balance. Assures the community that they are “not sitting on their butts drinking coffees not doing anything about it”. Much work at Gearbox right now wrestling with balance changes.[/QUOTE]

This is absolutely the right way to go about things, not to make knee-jerk changes that could potentially make things worse or break other things but to look at and analyse the data and make appropriate changes accordingly.


There was no matchmaking at all in the CTT or beta’s

Agreed. Again, my post wasn’t to ask for a fix, but for information, and it has been provided, not only for me, but for others who share my perspective. Thank you!

I’ll be sure to check out that Reddit thread sometime. It seems like it holds the answers to a lot of questions people might have. I wonder if it’s been pinned anywhere in the forums.

If not, it should be.

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To be honest: I played no single PvP-match in CTT or Beta. I just red sooooo many ranting posts since then about supposebly differences to matchmaking in the Beta/CCT, I simply assumed there was one - how in the world can these people complain about something that was never there to begin with??? I´m a bit staggered now…And I feel most stupid… Well, less assuming more playing.

Nah, you are right. And raizurhk does not know what he is talking about.

The open beta weekend started with match making which looks like the one it is at the moment.
But halfway through the weekend they implemented a skillbased matchmaking option, which you could choose in alternative to the regular one.

I used it, but no point in judging it, with only a day or two time to gather the data to give a player a skillrating.

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I just had a match where the enemy team were all above 40 bar one who was level 9. My team were all below level 25 and one was level 6.

Even so we were holding them off extremely well they couldnt push onto our sentry.

This continued for most of the match until they managed to push through and do a very slight amount of damage to our sentry before we pushed them back out again. As soon as this happened we had a person leave the match and another just stay in home base voting to surrender. So in a flash we were down 2 people and consequently lost the match by a snowball.

The problem with this game isnt the match making its people not willing to do abit of hard work to get the win and give up waaaaay too easily. Also on a side note there should be a punishment for people who just stay on the spawn pad.

Thanks alot for the clarification! :heart: Thats basically what I catched through the forums, there just seems to be ALOT confusion and, well, it confused me too :slight_smile:

Yeah you can get CR from campaign easy. Titles may offer insight too. Sometimes Beta players are really good, and low CR.