Hiccups on Xbox One version

There are technical issues in Xbox’s version of the 20th Anniversary. There are split-second freezes whenever something new happens (Duke’s getting a weapon, saying something or just when some enemy shows up) and it’s very, VERY annoying.

This kind of issue is typical for PCs, but seeing it on console is ridiculous. I have standard (not S) Xbox One with 2TB external hard drive and this is the only game I’m having problem with.

Please fix it ASAP.

I have the same problem, yeah it’s REALLY annoying ! sometimes I also die for no reason and the game shows me the rewind screen… I hope a patch will resolve at least these but i’m think i’m dreaming…

I have the exact same problem. It’s incredibly frustrating and is ruining the experience.

Same here. Seems to stutter quite a lot. Also the directors commentary doesn’t show up after the first level?

So just out of curiosity I moved the game from my external drive to the internal drive and it seemed to fix the stuttering problem. Just a heads up to anyone who might have a similar setup

I just tried that and it works ! thanks for the tip !

I’m having issues on Xbox with connecting online. Me and all my buddies get kicked after about 10 seconds.

Thank you natestr8 for this! Helped a lot.

But does anyone else have this problem?:
If you turn “Show Level Stats” on in the game options menu. The stats are displayed partially off-screen.
I can’t see the secret count at all. I’ve tried different settings on my tv and xbox one.

Please tell me whether it works or not(specifically on the xbox one version. i know it works fine on pc.). Would like to know if it’s a problem with this port or on my own settings.