Hidden(?) ability of Contained Blast

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So, I have been playing for the last few days with some purple guns now that Loosplosion is fixed, between them the Stranger AR, and I got the Contained Blast while playing Bounty of Blood. Although Contained Blast’s ability seems to be pretty straight forward, something that came to my mind when I saw it was: “if it is a legendary from the group of Stranger AR and it has sticky mode, does its stickies increase damage as the non-unique version?”. And, well, the answers is yes, but I didnt noticed nobody talking about that (since its not exactly as Stranger works and everyone probably thinking that the explosion on contact + stickie is its only special effect) so I thought that would be cool bring that up

Basically the Contained Blast has the consecutive hits ability. You can sticky all the projectiles you want, but it has to be made fast in order to increase the damage that both the first explosion and the stickies delivers (unlike Stranger, that increases based just on the number of stickies attached to the enemy before reload/swap, doesnt matter the speed you do it). If you leave a gap, it will reset, but the previous projectiles that eventually got increased damage persists with the bonus. That ability has a cap as well. I tested a M10 non-element variant that has around 5k and is single-projectile on Jack. After shooting for some time, the damage rised to 35k for the stickies and 36k for the explosions at contact (for whatever reason those first explosions deals a little more damage than the stickies) and locked with it so it can deal up to 7x the damage listed - and, again, nobody talked about it.


Oh nice - I love this gimmick with Torgue gear, and was bummed to find it it didn’t quite work with ARs (didn’t know about the Stranger variants).

The guardian perk c.c.combo might explain the slight raise in damage. I was uninspired by the contained blast after a short test but after your post I will re-explore it tonight. :slight_smile:

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The contained blast does does both direct damage, and add sticky bomb.

Both the blast damage and the sticky explosion damage benefit from the % bonus of stacking sticky.

Meaning, the more you shoot, the higher you damage go.

There is a soft cap to this stince sticky of the contained blast detonate after 10sec, meaning even with a bottomless Moze you can’t do infinity stacking

The contained blast is a very good weapon to take down badass enemies. It’s version shooting x2 projectile is vastly stronger due to the inceased amount of sticky you can stack before it detonate.

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I disabled Guardian perks, skills and gear that would boost the damage for the testing. That slightly difference is natural to the Contained Blast

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The idea of “the more you shoot, the higher you damage go” works for Stranger, but not exactly for the Contained Blast. I shot for some time and saw the damage increasing, but after reaching 35k, all the next stickies hit for the same 35k till I empty my mag and reset the bonus. Thats why I said that the Contained Blast stacking ability works based on how fast you can shoot it, like consecutive hits annoint, and not exactly like Stranger ordinary way.

Example: if you stick with Stranger and leave a gap of 1 sec, the next sticky to land will deal higher damage. If you stick with Contained Blast and leave the same gap, the next sticky will deal base damage, not higher


Glad to hear this, there are too many legendaries, particularly Torgue, that do not have the manufacturer special feature already.

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i was hoping so hard that harolds would have sticky mode. imagine pumping stickies 6 at a time with a pistol. damnit, GB!

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I noticed that the blast has some kind of stacking effect as well. I think it ultimately goes higher in a short time span than the stranger does. I can stack seven or eight explosives on individual enemies before it goes off. If you stack them with radiation ASE, you can do some cool chain kills with the stacking. I just don’t use it very much in any play session because on console, it gets tiring to pull the trigger 60x a minute