Hidden(?) ability of Prompt Critical

I just took some time to farm Criticals for my Moze (by the way, what a farm) and while playing with it, I noticed that both x3 and x4 shoots the same amount of pellets, 3, in sticky or impact mode. That brought me the question: would it be a visual bug and theres no difference at all between x4 and x3? Or worse: the x4 lists lower damage, but if it only shoots 3 pellets, would be better to use a x3 since it has higher damage and the amount of pellets listed is what it actually shoots?

So I went to test dummy

I disabled all the skills and Guardian Ranks and unequipped all my gear besides the Criticals and here is what I discovered:

The Critical actually does the damage listed, but the pellets it shoots are always 3, which means that even if you see only 3 pellets being shot from a x4, it will deal the listed damage x4. It happens for impact and sticky mode

BUT for sticky mode the things get a little curious. If you shoot a Critical x3 on sticky mode just once, youll see it actually stickies 4 pellets; if you shoot a x4, it stickies 5 pellets. And when they explode, the deal x2 the amount of listed pellets, which means that a x3 on sticky mode does x6 damage when blown while the x4 blown 8 times as well.

Just a fan fact about the gun