Hidden Aesthetic Effects added in Winter Update

Kelvin’s sublimate got a nice new icey bubble surrounding the core ball, that much has already been brought up here. I also think the “clinky” and “windchime-esque” noises that the snow fields generate (the helix at level that changes Sublimate to a slow) were added with the WU. Maybe I didn’t notice them before but that’s what I think.

Montana’s ultimate helix, Big Payback, got a timer that you can see on screen (consisting of a bomb and Montana smiling) so you know when you’re going to explode. However, since this was in the patch notes, I wouldn’t consider this “hidden.” But he did get little fx for his quick melee, like “pow” and “flick” written/shown in comic book onomatopoeia style. Believe that was added with his new op. Still, close enough to WU.

I think Rath’s swords (and maybe other stuff) glow depending on the helix you take at 5. Think I just never noticed that before the Winter Update, I dunno.

Note: Aesthetics includes visual and sound effects.

So what else have you guys found?

There’s a list of some of the new visual effects that people have found here:


If you’ve found any more, feel free to add them! :slight_smile:

Rath’s sword’s glow already changed pre-winter update. It’s a very cool effect, though.

ISIC’s arm energy color changes depending on what skin he’s wearing.

The glow on Rath’s swords is from taking his level 7 helix “To The Point” and it has always been a feature.

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I COULD, and probably AM, wrong about this, but i don’t think Berg’s cone-shaped vent used to be free-moving before the winter update.

Then again, i when the 60fps firsr dropped, i was entralled by the visual improvement, and started noticing things like minions’ armour coming off in bits for the first time.

By the way, is it just me, or when the update first dropped, did you guys think “hmm, the new frame-rate is gonna take some getting used to”, and could now almost swear that everything is the exact same as it was?

Actual photo of @jythri Creatively Directing the Winter Update:


@HandsomeCam Yeah your eyes get used to it after a while. If you want you could set your frame rate back to 30 for a few games then switch back to 60. Might help to recapture the feeling.

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Heh. All you console players gloating over your 60fps and I’m sitting on a craptop that gets 20, tops - on a good day.

Completely ignoring post’s point out of awe.

Wait… Are the two guys in that picture the SAME PERSON?! :astonished:

They’re the Brothers Chaps from Homestar Runner.