Hidden Areas in Battleborn

So I’ve been messing around on The Experiment for a while as Mellka, trying to reach an area I’ve been wanting to check out for a while.

Those two archways up there. Anyone know if it’s possible to get up there, or know of any other cool little hidden spots?

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Spike > air-stall > claw lunge > still short

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There’s a few places you can Claw up to that get you closer, but I’ve never quite managed to get there. Just wondering if anyone else had managed to do it.

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Have you tried some inane combination of cooldown gear and firmware update?
If anyone could get there, it’s Mellka.
Could you detail where this is?

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The Experiment, directly above the second-to-last defense objective (the data transfer thingy). And what does the firmware update do again?


Chance of 2 second cooldown when using skills
Also, get your health really low and use the cooldown helix

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Hmm. 2 seconds isn’t much, but it still could be useful. And I usually take the cooldown helix, but she still regens too fast to get long. Worth a shot though.

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Take max health gear to fix that. Tweaks the percentages

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I tried with ISIC there’s not point he can latch to.
If he dashes to the highest island he’s very close but still can’t.

Hmmm. There’s definitely something solid there to stand on, because if you Spike up from underneath it on top of the wall then you hit your head on the ceiling.

Question is, if you can get within range, then is there an invisible barrier there like there is with a lot of other places like this?

Can anyone verify my “hidden” spot?

It is at the final boss of Void’s Edge. Stand straight in front of the final boss and then walk all the way towards the north west of the map…like 11 PM.

There is an entire area there and I see some weird glowing lights.

Can anyone confirm that they know what Im talking about and if there is anything there? It is a ton of climbable ledges.

That’s where you respawn if you die during that wave defense, I’m pretty sure. (Referring to the original post)

Nah, it’s above that. I can Spike up to the respawn station, but the part I was aiming for is several metres above it.