Hidden bonuses on Moze gun anoints

From what I can tell the Moze anointments for Next 2 Magazines 10% fire rate + 20% crit and Next 3 mags reload speed + handling both also grant +125% incendiary damage for N2M in addition to their stated effects. Probably doesnt put either on par with the top tier anoints but definitely makes them worth keeping an eye out for on certain guns. Didn’t see this mentioned anywhere so sorry if already common knowledge.


After exiting Iron Bear gain 160% splash also adds +75% shield and HP for its duration. This effect stacks with the shield anoint for a 150% bonus.


What? O.O

Unless it has been patched without my knowledge it still works, this was my reason for preferring IB splash 160 over ASE splash 200.

For me the 18 seconds opposed to the ase 200 splash 6 seconds has always been a reason. But I’ll try that for sure


I’m sorry but I couldnt understand. Do you mean 125% n2m anoint is inferior to 10% fire rate + 20% crit anoint?

Yes as long as more fire rate doesn’t hurt your build then i’d consider both anoints superior to the regular 125% one.

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I have played only moze for 600 hrs but didn’t know it! I always dumped both anoint (fire rate+crit and handling+reload). Thanks fir info. I would try it now!


Same. I don’t think I’ve even attempted to use these anoints.