Hidden Draft Mode idea

I’ve always viewed draft mode as something fun with pre made teams or at the very least people who are using mics.

As a person who solo queues quite often, draft mode just doesn’t feel like it fits. You end up with odd and non-communicated bans/picks. That strategic layer of the mode is really lost playing with randoms unless everyone is willing to get on the mic.

What if draft mode was a hidden queue that only showed up if you had a party of 5? You could name your team (saves the name as long as all members are the same), there would be seasons and rankings, and some sort of seasonal incentive (like titles) to do well. Furthermore, hopefully it would promote more people to get teams together. Either via the forums, reddit, discord, LFG, etc. The answer to 5 man teams is other 5 man teams.

It may be a lofty idea, but it would be something if teams started to recognize each other in queue and you end up building this really close competitive bubble within Battleborn. A bubble where teams recognize each other, new teams emerge all the time, players actually get to participate in the strategic layer of draft mode and quality of competition rises. People who normally solo queue may try to find a team to experience team play which is extremely different. This reminds me why guilds and clans are popular in a lot of games.

I’m sure people love to pubstomp, but I believe most people who play want close matches and something that stirs the competitive spirit.

While in theory this sounds kind of amazing, our population is a bit really-small-where-a-lot-of-people-already-think-we’re-dying, if you know what I mean

Definitely, which is sad, but I think a mode centralized on organized team play may get the existing base to try something new, break out the mics, in the spirit of competition and loot. As it stands right now we do have a few avenues to group people together, especially on consoles with XB having clubs dedicated to BB, the Discord, and various forums.

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Sounds like ranked/competitive mode. Which would have been amazing right from launch and could have done wonders for the population.