Hidden Gems/Quest dialouge

Like most of you, ive spent a lot of time in the first borderands game. Ive played through the storyline multiple times, and ive been pretty sure i know all there is to borderlands when it comes to dialouge. Im sure you all know what it feels like to even be bored of listening to the same lines, especially if youve done multiple playthroughs in quick succession.

But what if i told you that youve been missing something?

So maybe a few years back, i decided to do the scavenger sniper rifle mission after i already killed the roid rage psycho, and went back to firestone. When i went back inside the arid hills, and went to the area, a piece of dialouge from comandant steel played. It seemed to only trigger after that main quest was turned in, but im pretty sure it was intended to play after walking back from killing the roid rage psycho.

Fast forward to a few months ago. I just killed the destroyer, and wanted to farm the eridians right outside for experience. So i saved and exited, came back in, and went to the eridian promontory. Dialouge from tannis played, the last piece you are likely to get in the game besides DLC, and claptrap telling you about quests.

So today i was playing on my melee mordecai, and noticed my whacks didnt do ■■■■ to krom. The entire time i was hitting him, lethal strike never proc’d once. I decided to go outside to the turrets you fight to get int krom’s canyon so i could test if all turrets are immune to lethal strike, or just the ones you can get into. I went outside to see that they dont respawn, but i also got some awesome crazy earl dialouge! I decided to test a theory, and drove back to tannis instead of fast traveling. Success, i got some tannis dialouge ive never heard before!

So my point is this. The game has extra dialouge checks scattered throughout. They relate to the main story mission, and you only hit them if you dont fast travel.

This might not be a secret to most, but i figure there are some people out there like me who always use fast travel, and have missed multiple chunks of dialouge, like me.

So this thread is deticated to those pieces of dialouge. I guess start a playthrough where you never use fast travel, and lets see what we find out. I already have four in here. I bet we can find more that we might not have ever heard, or have forgotten all about. I wanna see how to get them below. Also feel free to share things you feel not a lot of people know about the game. I feel the way the boss fight with krom is set up, some people might never hear him. He has an amazing voice, btw. You can just sit a little below him on his ramp so his gun’s barrel is aiming at the floor, and take a listen.


But why?

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Well, this thread is for a specific kind of person. Its for people who always use fast travel, and missed some of the bits of dialouge i mnetioned above. But its also for people who would be interested in finding something they didnt know about in BL1, despite playing it a lot. If you arnt interested in hearing the extra dialouge checks, the thread isnt really for you. This thread could very well end up just relating to me, but if anyone out there has the same interest, id like them to have that feeling of finding something new in something they thought they knew everything about.


I found another one after killing jaynis kobb. You already likely know that marcus tells you about tannis and her unknown sources, but if you drive back to rust commons west through the transistion closest to jaynistown, you get some dialouge from helena pierce.

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So i found the last one i could possibly find. There is some tannis dialouge after the first initial one you get after extiing the vault. If you go to the fast travel at the beginning of the promontory, or the one in the vault, fast travel to the salt flats. The reason for this is because you cant physically leave without fast travelling (unless youre roland). Atleast im pretty sure thats what you have to do, i personally travelled to the back door, and exited from there to get to the salt flats. But tannis will have her last bit of dialouge, and its pretty juicy.

So Thats about all of the hidden dialouge i could find. There might be some more in places where its not supposed to be, like the commandant steel one in the arid hills, but im not going to go to every single location possible that could have possibly been a quest trigger at every point in the main story to look. So there might not be anymore, but if so, post em here. Also tell me, how many of these did you guys know about? Did you learn anything about the game from this thread?

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Sort of an


If you are someone who will visit new haven during different parts of the story quest to hear what marcus and zed have to say about current affairs, you might like this next bit. I recently found out that claptraps actually say stuff. Il explain. Obviously, every area you have to progress to unlock, usually there is a claptrap in front of it. Recently i thought to talk to one of the claptraps i couldnt use to progress yet. I got some unique dialouge, but i think it was only one line. So for those who want to hear some more dialouge someone put the effort in to write, and throw in the script for the game, this is a way to hear more of it.

Lets just say the claptrap to dahl headlands has something to say about new u stations being canon.

I had known about the Tannis dialogue in Eridian Promontory and Salt Flats, in addition to the Commandant Steel one in Arid Hills. The Crazy Earl one in Rust Commons East and Helena Pierce one in Rust Commons West I didn’t know existed. Given I’ve played this game for so many hours I thought it impossible I didn’t know anything yet this is actually pretty amazing to me.

I’ll definitely be trying to see them for the first time here soon. Thanks for the thread!

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Oh my God, I can’t believe I missed that over so many years. Convenience of Fast Travel be damned. Definitely a good incentive to start over after a personal hiatus. Thank you.

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I can add on:

After the Crazy Earl dialogue after Krom if you keep traveling back to Rust Commons West you also get Patricia Tannis dialogue. I had never seen that one before.

Very cool.

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Yeah, thats what i was saying here

I was also pretty sure i could have been more clear with that one, so thx for putting it in its own post. Also, british exists on pandora?

The British are everywhere :gb: But yes, dialogue is spoken, and dialog is one of those information boxes that pops up on your computer screen from time to time telling you something you probably should know about but click “OK” without really paying attention.

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Yeah, but i like dialouge somebody found important enough to pay someone to say into a microphone, hence the thread. Also, i could clarify that statment by saying “British as an accent and country exists in the borderlands universe?” Honestly i cant even think of a direct connection to america in the canon.

Just wanted to share the other thread i made for the 2nd game with you guys. I found some things i wanted to share playing the captain scarlett dlc.

Ive decided to update the thread with new dialouge from the DLCs. One thing to note is that gearbox usually tries to experiment with the DLCs with things that show up in later games. This time around, its spoken dialouge when picking up a quest. This post will be dedicated to the Dr Ned DLC. Although you may not be able to fast travel in the DLCs in the frst game, i certainly have done my fair share of saving and quitting, so ima lay off that this time around.

First thing, when you get to the hub town, and the claptrap wants you to activate the turrets, he has a few lines he will say at random. Not that suprising, but there are quite a few for how little time is spent on this part of the quest. Id reccomend just turning on the 2 closest turrets, then stand next to him for a while. This is obviously on top of the giant amount of dialouge you can trigger him to say during much of the main quest by going close to him repeatedly.

Dr ned has a few things to say in standard npc fashion, approaching and going away from him triggers dialouge, and he does say a piece for the main quest like most npc’s in the DLCs do when giving out main quests. Just wanted to note him because you only actually see him as a friendly npc once in hallow’s end.

I should also note that like the other 2 claptraps you rescue in DLCs, the one in the lumber yard has dialouge unique to this dlc. Also, during the side quest here we go again, i found the only echo ive ever heard with no artificial distortion, joe gamerski. Just thought it was weird.

Thats it really, nothing that profound. This DLC does have some choice dialouge regardless. There are plenty of good echo logs, and main quest dialouge.

So this post is dedicated to claptrap’s new robot revolution. I mainly just wanna save the knoxx dlc for last because that is going to take incredibly long to do without saving and quitting.

The main thing id say this DLC has for finding dialouge is how many lines of dialouge unnamed NPC’s have. There are many around, and it seems like most have something different to say when activated. The variety just seems to be more than new haven. Some of the same lines are even said by different voice actors.

So other than that, there isnt much of note in this dlc. Characters who give out side quests like marcus and tannis have dialouge tied to them when picked up, which is a nice precursor to borderlands 2.