Hidden Machine skill Fl4k

Why the skill " hidden Machine" no have HUD whenever Flak shotting enemy dont’ see? :confused::confused::confused::confused:

"Why does the skill “Hidden Machine” not have a HUD indicator whenever Fl4k is shooting an enemy that doesn’t see them?
(Your statement in proper English)

The answer: It’s pretty easy to tell if they’re targeting you, because if they are then they’re looking and shooting at you.

Also, the skill is very glitchy, so its not worth taking. Sorry.

I hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

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The skill is very much worth taking, but mainly on Fade Away setups. It requires some knowledge of its functionality quirks, but the damage boost is very significant. This short guide I wrote some time ago still holds true to this day, since like many others, this is just another collection of bugs that has gone unaddressed.

There’s also a video explanation at the end of that thread if you don’t want to read through it.


That’s fair. I do use it when I’m one shotting bosses or using red fang, but I don’t recommend it to normal players.