Hidden Machine Worth It?

I’ve been having fun try crit builds for FL4K, but have been struggling whether or not to spend any points in hidden machine. I’ve seen that it’s glitched, but does anyone know if it’s worth spending points on?

I put 2 points into it but they could just as well go into self repairing system. I do know that Hidden Machine works 100% as long as combat has not yet been started so on your first Fade Away it will work after that its spotty. Again i have 2 points into it right now . i am sure they will fix it in the future weather it be in this next big patch i dont know. But as it sits its is not very good. If you want your points invested into something that is working all the time i would invest those puppies into something else.

Thanks for the info. I’ll have to watch it in battle to see if it at least procs during fade away after the initial engage.

Read number 10 and watch video.

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It does work during battle but it is buggy meaning it doesn’t seem to work about 50% of the time.

is hidden machine worth the 5 points ? also what about ambush pred? how close/far can you be to the baddies b4 it no longer works?