Hidden NERF to Shard Generator Items by 90% in Patch [UPDATED]

So after downloading the patch and booting up a game I have found out that they have nerfed shard generating items into the ground. I had a loadout that allowed me to generate almost 5 shards a second. Though it takes away and stat item advantage i had it allowed me to play a backlines supporter, building turrets and minions whenever possible.

(4.24 Shards a Second)
(0.35 Shards a Second)

There is no mention to this nerf in the patch notes or anywhere online. Is this a bug with the patch or an intended change? This alters the way I play Battleborn drastically and makes me have to choose stat items as my old items are now useless. This also encourages even MORE people to focus on Kills and not do the objective.

Patch Notes:

Update: Confirmed this is a Known Bug, Thanks GBX!


Oh my god this needs to be fixed. I’m relatively sure this was an accident, but wtf.


I just noticed this myself. WTF, guys. I agree. I wanted to push harder on objective-based gameplay, not discourage it.


I just noticed it and came here to make a post on it as well… you beat me to it obviously. Man that’s a crazy nerf though!!! I was about to play a PvP game and I was going to equip a 0 shard activation gear that regenerates 2 shards per second and has a negative to shields (but I was going to play a character without a shield so meh)… but it’s now at 0.16 shards per second instead of two. All my other shard generating gear is nerfed as well including my epic ones that were great gear because they had great stats on them besides the shard generation… now it’s not even close to worth using them in ANY situation…

It would have been nice to have these nerfs posted in the patch notes. They nerfed Alamo-7 the Legendary gear without it being in the notes as well…

It’s a 90% reduction in shard generation as far as the nerf goes… a 90% nerf to ANYTHING is HUGE! W T F!!!

Out of curiosity, has anyone checked the PvE situation with the nerf? I don’t usually do much pvp, and the hope would be that it is just a PvP nerf. I do agree with you though that not getting a heads up in the patch notes is a bummer if the nerf was intended.

Yes the second screenshot is The Algorithm, affects all items

Yeah they nerfed the legendary Alamo-7 Armor from immunity for 5 seconds at below 10% health once every 60 sec to immunity for 2 seconds. Too unreliable now (should be 5% health IMO) so I sold it.

Shard generator is bugged. Saw a post about it

Huh, that’s a big change.
I’m confused as why it would encourage more players to focus on kills though ? If anything I feel like it will encourage people to focus a bit more on minions in Meltdown as it’s the biggest source of Shards, for example. No more “easy lazy” shard generations…
But that’s still a huge nerf which makes every item with shard gen totally irrelevant in all and any scenario, so I suspect a non intended consequence of a fix, aka a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you post a source? Thanks!

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Continuing the discussion from So has anyone noticed a problem with the item changes?:

I’m quoting from someone who quoted. GBX_Menace stated it’s a bug

Just saw the shard generator issue - they are really low. It’s a bug?

Let’s try that again with my account that’s flagged as a dev :slight_smile:

“Yes, this was a bug accidentally introduced with the content patch today. We just deployed a hot fix to correct the issue. Sorry for that and thanks for reporting this to us!”


Fabulous. Good job. Has it been deployed to all? Need to restart the game I assume?

EDIT: Don’t answer. It’s confirmed that it’s been fixed. Thanks GBX!

Very glad to hear this is a bug.

I’m a huge fan of Battleborn (came over from the Steam forums, which got a little too toxic for me), and really my only problem with it is that their balancing can be very heavy-handed.

That makes me sad because heavy-handed balancing has killed some of my favourite games. I’m really not a fan of it for that reason, in a way it undermines the game by changing it constantly in big ways so that it never actually solifies into something and it never earns any kind of meta because of that.

I was worried that that might happen to Battleborn. Those who haven’t been in the balancing business long can make that kind of mistake, after all. And killed games with it. I was worried after the very heavy-handed handling of ISIC that this would be another instance of that, just going far too overboard with changes, instead of making more delicate changes over a period so that people can ease into where it’s going.

So I was worried this was that. I was. And now I’m not because it’s a bug? In which case I’m very, very relieved. Hooray!

According to the Description the items are fixed. But I’m not getting the correct amount. I am still only receiving 1/10 of what i should.

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Only the tooltip has been fixed. It is still giving the nerfed amount in game.

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Its fixed now. Just used it on a mission and its restored to its former glory.

Make sure you restart the game to get the latest hotfix applied; you’ll be stuck with the bugged values until you do.