Hidden slam pad in Cluster 99002 Overlook?

There is a slam pad near where Teh Earworm spawns, it’s to the right behind a bolder. I slammed on it but nothing happens. I haven’t searched for anymore in the area but I was wondering if anyone knew what it does?

This is not the slam pad you have to slam on during the story mission by the way. Just to clear things.

Does every slam pad you encounter throughout TPS have a purpose?

Yes, they’re there to make you wonder why they’re there before getting ADD and leaving to do something else.

I know many disable electric fences, but many others seem to be just sitting there for no reason.

Are there area achievements for slamming every one in every area?

Nope. They’re there to trigger my ADD

No pun intended…

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I figured it out. It’s part of a challange

What is the story info that gets revealed in this secret Overlook room?

It’s just a computer going over what happened to Overlook while Claptrap was there. Nothing new as far as story goes.

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Its been discussed in multiple threads so far, here is one i have found

actually it explains a lot of challenges in CV.
Here is a video ive made on the subject tho :smile:

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Excellent! Thanks for the video!