Hidden word inside Claptrap's body?

Does anyone know what this word means inside Claptrap’s body or why it’s there?



I remember someone reporting it, perhaps a year ago. The only thing that comes to mind is “SANTI5”, which is the word in front of some Borderlands buses, including Marcus’ one and the one from the Pre-Sequel intro (which might be the same one):


He’s more and more made up of spare parts and scraps is all.

Claptastic Voyage already covered the inner cyberworld of Cl4pTP in the Presequel.

Nice catch! Not that I know what it means, but that’s some arcane trivia to have on hand. :+1:

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Makes me think an old bought out corporation.

Its under bridges… On marcus bus… On stuff all over.


I never realised it was written on buses and other things. Probably is just some old construction company or something. Cheers everyone

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My guess is that it’s the name of one of the artists - there’s quite a few tags from the team within the game. Spatula Khan (BL2 TTAoDK) started out as graffiti by one of them in the Bloodshot Strongholds.

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I’ve recently spotted the mysterious word again! It’s on some random boxes in Borderlands 3:

You can find them almost anywhere: there’s quite a few in the Arms Race initial waiting room; alternatively, there’s one right behind Marcus on Sanctuary III.