Hide of Terramorphous - How to break shield?

Hey guys!

Yesterday i finally got my hide of terramorphous shield and the storm front grenade mod (both lvl. 50, yes i was lucky :wink: )

So here’s the problem: I thought, the storm front grenade mod can break every shield, which is at the same level. So i tried breaking the hide of terramorphous, but it didn’t work (about 7k of the shield remained).

I’ve got a melee zer0 at lvl. 53, so my question is: How can i break the hide of terramorphous shield with a single grenade? Do i have to wait/farm for a green/blue/purple longbow or lobbed tesla grenade mod with a higher level? Would be the chain lightning a better choice?

Thanks for your answers!

A chain lightning would b better I used it to break the shield to activate the roid damage on the love thumper and fm ova of the lame of the fire hawk.

I can only get the chain lightning mod from the tiny tina dlc, right? Do I have to complete the whole dlc, or can I farm it somewhere right at the beginning?

Does somebody own a chain lightning mod at level 50 or something like that and wanna trade it to me for a longbow storm front mod at lvl. 50? Would be awesome!

Just play through the dlc they’re pretty common

The point is, that my friends wanna play the DLCs in a fixed order (Tiny Tina will be the last one) and I don’t wanna wait that long.

So maybe someone owns that mod and wanna trade it to me for the storm front mod (which is really cool, but can’t break the HoT^^)

I don’t understand that :frowning:

In every melee-zero guide they say, that the storm front is the best mod to break the shields, but why doesn’t it work for me? The mod makes ~30k damage, and the HoT-shield has a capacity of ~37k. Yeah I mean, i’m not dumb, that’s a difference of 7k^^. Do they others have better versions of the stormfront?

Do I have a chance of getting a version of the mod which is strong enough if i continue farming?

Ok, i got it. Yesterday i tried breaking the shield right after killing terra. So i still were in normal mode. No I tried again in TVHM, and it worked! Awesome xD.