Hiding levels in PVP

can they please hide levels. i get targetted so much just because of my level (im level 100 have been for about 3 days now) its just annoying now, and is making me give up on PVP

Get life bruah. I’m jk it’s nice to see the other end of the spectrum (high levels) requesting the same thing as the low levels for the same reason

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In a few weeks the majority of the regular player base will be level 100. This is a disappearing problem.


yea i know but i would rather they still set it up so you only see your teams. or even no ones.

Then OW is going to come out and the fan boys will decide it’s dumb and come crying to battle borne and cry over this issue all over agian

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I want a prestige leveling system where you prestige every 100 levels. And I want 100 Prestige levels. I’d also like some similar with characters, where you get super special skins and taunts for prestige them too. 15 prestige levels too, for them.

I’d probably wouldn’t even reach the 4th, I’m still only level 30, and I bought the game day 1!

I kinda feel the same. Almost half the time I enter PvP I get people trash talking me (95 right now). It would probably also help with people complaining about uneven matchmaking -_-

Couldn’t agree more, id love to get our levels hid, I think it would fix the Elo problems

I’ve already made a thread regarding this. Not only hiding levels but unlocking the level cap of 100 + increased reward for ranking up. Incentives is how you keep people doing anything, we need more of them in BB…

removing level cap and adding legendary packs for every 25 levels past rank 100 and epic pack for every 5 levels. that would get me moving again :smiley:


Not surprised one bit. Whenever I get in line for a match and someone on enemy team is lvl 90+ there is always 1 or 2 dc’s instantly on my team…

And hence why hiding levels in PVP is good - people who gauge everything before match by levels won’t have reasons to to quit before the game starts. And what would you know, maybe they actually are not as bad compared to those 90 lvl players once the game starts…(although with such attitude there’s little chance but still there’s always hope).