Higaran mothership texture sym problem

Hello i just find a little glitch with the texture of the mothership looks like sym problem to me and is not affected by the shaders and the texture just glow :smiley:

Here is problem with the shadows looks like the shadow map is inverted

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Yeah, I saw it too :open_mouth:

Yep may be there are some glitches here and there just post them guys so the team fix them :slight_smile:

Hey Dave is there a chance this issue to be fixed with the next patch?
This are not big problems but you know this is the mothership :smiley: Thanks!

It is already fixed - this next patch will ‘simmer’ longer than 2.1 did. Thanks for the bug reports!


I’m very happy you made this effort to make the game perfect, this is the best strategy ever made and guys you made it perfect :slight_smile:


Plenty disagree with you, but we worked the past 3+ years, and are very proud of the results! Thanks again!


Your team definitely can. The ungrateful ones will never understand what you started with (and that it was only a remaster, not a new game)

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This remaster is a godsend. For years I wait to see what will happen with HW and when i saw the announce of the remaster i was extremely happy :slight_smile: I remember as a child when I play the first game and now I can experience them again modernised :). HW is one of my favorite series I hope the people support the franchise so we can have HW3. I bought the remaster and deserts of kharak and i’m enjoying it a lot. There always will be people that will be negative. The game has some problems at launch and for a time I was thinking that the team will stop the support, but after this effort with 2.0 I don’t know how the people will not be happy. People must see the policy of Creative Assembly they really abandon their games broken with major problems left in the game unfixed. Game play problems lighting problems shader problems. In attila the lighting system was left broken. The water shader didn’t have reflections and many other bugs. I wish they have the same altitude as you guys. Homeworld is very special game made with a lot of love I`m concept artist and in the studio when we create concept for ships we got inspired by homeworld design :slight_smile: I bought the art book and i’m extremely happy with the amazing designs. I hope the future of the series to be bright :slight_smile:


Any chance we can get an ETA of when the next patch that fixes this issue will launch?

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Yes guys did you have any info about future updates in the coming months?

I know you guys said you want to let the update that fixes these problems to simmer a bit longer than 2.1 did, but can we get some kind of timeframe for when to expect it. It’s been over 4 months and still haven’t seen nor even received any news regarding this referred to update that fixes these graphics issues with the game. So if you could provide an update of some kind, it would be greatly appreciated.

Come on guys. You said you were going to let the patch that fixes this issue simmer for a bit. Not stick it in the freezer to be cooked next year. It’s been 6 months now. Come on seriously, get it together and release the patch. I’m tired of seeing my mothership with a giant gaping hole in it. This has long since past gotten ridiculous.

Hey I read in the forums that BitVenom was moved to another project and looks like the patch may not be released its sad because this glitch is fixed by them in the summer and was scheduled to be released in the next patch, I think GB must release a hotfix for this bug or anyone tell me how to open the textures I can fix them myself. Thanks.

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Hi guys I know BitVenom work on other projects can we have a quick hot fix for this problem or someone make a mod for the texture.

I am not sure if there is exist mod only fir this issue.
Bul complex mod has this texture issue fixed.

BiohazardBG, this was fixed in Gearbox’s Patch Preview way back in July 2016 (see multiplayer forum sticky topics). Its also included in the new 2.3 Players Patch.


HI yes I know about that bug but it was for the interior of the ship this
one is for the exterior as you can see there is some yellow line and this
was fixed by Bitvenom but the fix was never released as the bigger patch
that they planed.

@BiohazardBG Bitvenom fixed the yellow line, the badge, etc. in the Patch Preview which you can opt into here. But ya, the final official patch they had planned never got finished. That’s why I recently put together the 2.3 Players Patch, which includes this fix and many others.

This is great is there a way to play the campaign with your patch, I try to
play it but didn’t find it in the menu?