Higaran Ship engines not glowing

Hello I find another issue with the engines of the Higaran capital ships. This issue effect the destroyer and all of the frigates. The problem is that they dont glow when in formation like the carrier and the battlecruser or even if glow they dont have this whit temperature but very dark blue like are idle. All other ships dont look like have this issue.

Here is the engine of the frigate from the classic HW2 in flight

the current engine

as you can see only the battlecruser and the carrier in the front have the right engine light. The destroyer engine still have glow when in formation but the frigates dont. When they glow the also have this dark blue glow.

Some of the engines glow other not when in formation. Here I select all of the ships with this problem and the afected are The destroyer and all of the frigates.

The frigate compare to the carrier


Here you can see that the mothership and the shipyard have proper engine light.


I hope this can be fixed.

Best regards, Andrew!

Hi. When I saw this thread, I wanted to provide additional evidence one way or the other. The result is that I saw engine exhaust and brighter engine nozzles on all of the Hiigaran frigates and Destroyer while they moved together in the Capital Phalanx formation. None of them moved in a straight line without the engine being lit.

When turning, the engines flickered on and off, but once the ships started going in a straight line, their engines lit up really well.

Please let me know if you’d like any more info to help troubleshoot this situation.

I notice the flickering but the color of the frigates and destroyer is to dim compare to the rest of the engines in the game.

I’ll leave that decision up to BV.

I think it’s because when ships like frigates move with other larger ships, they cannot move at their full speed, so their engine won’t glow or very dark.