Higaran Torpedo frigates can out-range everything?

So while playing a player vs cpu game as the Kushan, I ran into the Hiigaran baddie with my new assault frigates and multigun corvettes. He brought his torpedo frigates and the fun began!

So torpedo frigates can outrange me…no biggie right? I’ll just close in and shoot. Oh…they can move backwards just as fast as they can forward…which is faster than my frigates. Well I’ll just back away then. Oh…my frigates have to turn around first? Well that is going to take a while isn’t it. Hey not as long as I thought…they’re all dead yay!

Good news though…I just finished my destroyer. This’ll show em! Oh…it seems the torpedo frigates can outrange my destroyer too…and back up faster than I can chase. Neat!!

I’m done now.

Can we just allow ships to back up and such at all times without turning around first? Or not…I don’t care. Just be consistent.

To quote from RTSC:HW2C shipguide:

“…they enjoy the best weapon range of any Frigate in the game: the same as a Destroyer’s main weaponry or 4500m, which is double the range of every other Frigate in the game.”

Unsure if this still holds true since the official Balance mod updates or the vanilla RM updates(?)

Yeah, that’s fine with me. Its not so much that Torp Frigates can outrange other ships, its that they can move backward just as fast as they can move forward. If I try to make my ships move back while fighting…they first have to turn around (slowly), then move. By the time they turn…they’re likely dead.

I just want to see some consistency. Either ships can move in all directions while fighting, or not. Perhaps they can move at half speed in directions other than forward. Maybe they can do this while turning, then accelerate to full speed once facing the right direction. Just don’t engineer a game where the cpu can do something that the player cannot. Bad form…