High ammo guns location needed

hi people does anyone know where I can get guns with high ammo count that are in the base game.

Do you mean guns with large magazines?

The Madhous! has a huge magazine, it drops from Mad Dog in Lynchwood after you complete “Breaking the Bank” which you accept at the Lynchwood bounty board.

thank you for the suggestion and as an answer to your question yes I am on about guns with high magazine size

Typically bandit guns have higher capacity.

If you’re lucky, a Shrediffer would fit that bill aswel, and probably much better than most bandit rifles.
That said, keep an eye out on the Sawbar.

Tough to get but the Ogre from Magic Slaughter has a stunning mag size for a Torgue.

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there are a few relics in the base game that will also increase magazine size, just have to watch for them, a good place to farm for those and most of the ones listed above are The LM’s, LLM’s in the WEP specifically the ones that pop out of the four crates,

Bandit SMGs and Vladof Pistols and ARs woud be the most interesting of the high mag zise guns available in the game IMO.

Not an odd question, but lacks any reason… What is the purpose may i ask? @11pdotervit