High DPS Bekah build


  1. Bekah: The highest DPS assault rifle from JAKOBS.

  2. Rifleman Class mod: +Assault Rifle Magazine Size, +Assault Rifle Gun Damage. Skill bonuses on Impact, Battlefront, Onslaught

  3. Shadow of seraph: Every time you fire a gun you have a chance to fire twice.

2. Key skills for the DPS of Bekah(Impact Rifleman Com)

  • 10/5 Impact: +40% Gun damage.

  • 5/5 Overlaod: +50% Assault rifle magazine size

  • 5/5 Duty Calls: +25% damage of non-elemental gun and +15% fire rate.

  • 5/5 Ready: +40% Reload speed.

  • 9/5 Onslaught(Kill skill): +54% Gun damage, +108% Movement speed.

  • 9/5 Battlefront: +54% Gun damage

3. DPS outcome

  • +65% DPS from skills and +47% from Class Mod(OP8) = +112%, Maximum +274% with Onslaught and Battlefront.

  • Magazine size +50% from Overload and +51% from Class Mod(op8) = +101% Magazine size

  • The fire rate of bekah is already high. So +15% from Duty calls is not a big one, because of limit of player’s finger speed. But 39% of Shadow of Seraph(OP8) is very big.

This is the build of the Axon that exerts the highest level of DPS without The Bee. And fun to shoot with the gun.


Nice! I’ve already watched your MS run and it is amazing.
But how a good elemental AR, lets say the Lead Storm, would compare to the Bekah in this particular Rifleman setup?


I’ve tried this rifleman setup before. I remember trying to optimize other guns, not Bekah. I thought grenades and ARs were good for Axton’s characters, and I wanted to play cool games with them.

But the ARs, except Bekah, didn’t meet my expectations. When I think of other guns compared to Bekah, they were less applied to the benefits of Magazine Size, which Overload and the Rifle Man Class Mod, and less effective for Duty Calls. Shadow of Seraph’s boost wasn’t as good as Bekah.

And I have a feeling that Lead Storm is better off with L-Soldier of other strengths than trying this setup.

Hail is harder to use effectively but has a nice crit bonus, split pellets AND gets Grenade damage …and heals.

It will also get Elemental multiplicative and Elemental matching bonuses

Say we drop Duty Calls…how would it compare DPS wise on Axton vs the Bekah?


It is worth comparing. But I think Hail’s pallet pattern and Velocity will shrink its utilization range. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to carry both Bekah and Hail.

Best Axton skill ever! :smiley:


It would be good if he has…


One other thing about the Hail…

All I have to do is hold the trigger down.

Not like a Bekah where I need to practice Olympic mouse clicking speed.

And I’m an old guy. The fast twitch ain’t exactly fast anymore…lol


Related note: the speedrunners on SGDQ19 bound “fire weapon” to scroll down on their mouse. Turned their Jakobs shotguns into rapid-fire abominations. Might be a good option for the Bekah?


So I added Cowboy Bekah as a Sniperrifle, and Gatling Gun as a Shotgun.

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