High enemy damage in Slaughter Shaft?

Is it just me, or are the enemies doing more damage in SS on M10? I have no modifier that would increase enemy damage. I’m using Rakk Fl4k with a recharger level 60 shield, but FL4K is even more squishy than usual. Anyone else notice this?

It feels like enemies hit harder since latest patch…we happen to be playing the squishiest VH :confused:

IMO, better that they hit harder than be bullet sponges


Well, I’ll take neither. Hitting harder is a problem for fl4k because of bugged skills like rage and recover and overall below average survivability.

You never know…GBX could fix those skills

I’m not holding my breath

Adapt and overcome until then my dude

Just one 20% damage reduction makes a gigantic difference. With twom wooo wee.

Id say we alll play like glass cannons too much