High gravity planets

The DlCs are going to be adding more planets and/or locations (both in the free DLC and the story ones, hopefully). We already have one location with low gravity, like on Elpis, and hopefully there will be more, as it’s a great addition, but it would be great to have at least one huge planet with higher gravity.
The gravity would reduce jump height to almost nothing, just enough to mantle and climb obstacles, but not enough to actually jump over them. It could also lower speed slightly, encouraging players to use cover carefully, as getting caught in the open would be more difficult.
The higher gravity would also lend itself to shorter, wider, tougher enemies that move slower and use ground based attacks.
Since there’s a whole galaxy of planets and moons to take inspiration from, so it would be amazing to show off more types of planets, rather than just differences in style (plant planet, city planet, etc).

Also, first arriving at the planet could create a fun interaction, where Sanctuary 3 has to avoid crashing due to the gravity.

How dare you suggest that my movespeed be lowered…


But think how great enhanced move speed would be on a planet that cuts your move speed heavily. It might need to only affect the base move speed, so that the move speed increases aren’t nerfed, meaning that they actually feel way more powerful on such a planet. =]

Only problem I have with this is Slam and makes slam near impossible to do if the whole planet/satellite has intense gravity. I do like more low gravity as well. It’s a shame only one area has it and it’s crap because there isn’t no additional Fast Travel there for a massive journey


so in a game about twitch movement, you would want them to make movement a big issue, yeah no thanks. no more low gravity or any high gravity mechanics. we all know how poorly the low gravity in pre was accepted. the mechanic was done let it rest.

It’s obvious they have added slam in this game because of a pre-planned DLC on Elpis. Without low gravity it’s nearly unusable.

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Just thinking about the slam mechanic, if the levels were designed well, slam would still be an option. You could even increase slam damage , because of the extra gravity. You would just need to mantle/climb up obstacles, then jump and slam off them.
It would just be less useful, much like it is in most of borderlands 3. Definitely hoping for some kind of Elpis/low-gravity DLC, to make use of slam.

Extra gravity means that we’ll die a lot because of miscalculated jump :skull:
I’m sure high gravity planet would always be the most hated one, like an aquatic level in a rpg !