High level players vs Low level players issue

I’ll make this sweet and short .

The fact that Battleborn is blocking players from viewing one’s rank until the character select screen, doesn’t change the fact that a significant amount of matches you find youself in are : highest rank players (105 max to this date) against full team of low level players with one of them might be high level.

It’s ridiculous and doesn’t make sense at all ! . I get it, we have a small community !
But there’s no way that thousands of players in Consoles can’t let matchmaking work right ! (unlike in PC where there’s 200 players daily :pensive: )

I want to let new players to learn how to play the game , not get demolished by high level players like me :rage:
I’m level 105 and I play with a pre-made team usually.
Most time , we get bored when we play against low levels. we don’t want to make them leave the game for feeling its to hard to play.

Inshort , I hope the major update will fix this and finally show that this game is BETTER THAN OVERWATCH (yea, I know I’m dreaming )

And if not … I quit .


You’ve set yourself up for some grief. Many in this game dislike premade teams. These groups are normally considered to be pubstompers and ruining the game (when the fault originates from the game itself) Matchmaking problem topics are old by now. They are created far too often. The devs have declared, the issue can’t be fixed. They are trying their best to mask it and/or make it less noticeable.


I honestly suggest solo queuing or playing with at most 2 other people. I alternate between full teams and solo queuing. It helps quite a bit with the issue because when you play in a full team, the only challenge you should run into is another full team as random lobbies are rarely as coordinated as a premade. The pubstomping won’t happen as often if you don’t have a premade. If you want to play in a full premade without pubstomping than see if you can organize some private 10 mans. Then everyone gets to have a fun game.

Note: This doesn’t apply to the Australian community. You know why.


Best way to help is to friend these new people. If each team member solo que’s and makes friends with the newbies, they could potentially make 5 new pre-made teams. Let’s face it, this game shines its most when you have two communicating teams working with each other. Most fun I’ve had in this game are the nail biter matches. Seeing different strategies from different teams gives me new ideas too. I think we are all just scratching the surface of all the team strategies that could be. So yeah, make the newbies your friends!


" The devs have declared, the issue can’t be fixed. "

wow … if that is the case …

just so you know , I to go solo from time to time , but alot of times I still get matched with high vs low.

its sad, and as a programmer like myself , I find it very BIZZARE that matchmaking can’t be fix with a few changes.

Your dealing with simple variables that can be stored in a byte or integer.

The algorithm is very easy as well if you use the rank’s number to make a balanced match.

A simple ConsoleApplication can be a matchmaking mechanic.
:confused: I just can’t understand the reason for this being a permanent scar of this game.

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Going strictly by CR is unreliable because some players might primarily do PvE or have used EXP boosters to get higher CR. Time played in this game doesn’t equate to skill with the game. When we had a proper ELO matchmaking, the low player base made for insanely long queue times and people complained. Now with shorter queue times people are complaining about imbalanced matches.

This is a reoccurring thing. People complained about Incursion matches being too long in one sided games so they worked hard on making a new way to play it by increasing minion strength as the match went on so one sided games would end quickly and it would be more objective focused. Then people complain that Incursion is ruined because you actually have to focus objectives.

I don’t envy you, Gearbox developers. The job of making everyone happy is truly an impossible task no matter how hard you work.

Back on topic: We can’t support ELO matchmaking until we have a larger player base. As the player grows, eventually if the new players stick with the game (hopefully tutorial and dojo will help with that) we might have the player base to support ELO. For now all we can do as vets is not completely stomp the new players and hope they git gud eventually.


I solo queued yesterday and got matched up with pretty decently leveled players. I was the only 102(been taking a break from BattleBorn) teamed with a few 20/ and I think a 5
Other team had about the same

Try pre-mades in 2 or 3 man segments. I guarantee you won’t be complaining as much anymore.

I have a bit of sympathy for 105 5 team pre mades bc …no one should tell a group of 5 friends not to play with each other. That’s lame. Then again, when a lvl 105 5 person pre made queues into a game, they fully know going in what to expect.

They know that going in 5 player 105 pre made will ultimately result in new people dropping the game yet they still do it anyways. They deep down inside know the long term damage they are doing to the game. So I think at least with some of them there is a degree of selfishness in it

Try pre-mades in 2 or 3 man segments. I guarantee you won’t be complaining as much anymore.

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I do it because otherwise I am waiting for 20+ minutes for a match.

You can call that selfishness, if you like. I understand what is happening, but my hands are tied. Either I play with 4 other people and get fast matches, or I don’t and get tired of sitting around not playing the game half of the time I have it turned on, and just stop playing altogether.

What population do you think is better for the game to maintain? People who have proven to be dedicated to a game in sore need of dedicated players, or people who bought the game for ten bucks last week because they never thought it was worth real money in the first place?

I don’t mess around, I don’t contribute to pubstomp comps, I play characters I don’t typically play or try new builds. What else can I do to keep the experience friendly without completely patronizing them (and souring my own experience) besides just leaving the game entirely? At this point I’ve realized I don’t have any control other than what I just described, and am waiting in the hopes that the Winter Update gives players better opportunities to learn how to play before they are pitted against the likes of me. Unfortunately, I don’t know if our holiday uptick will stay strong long enough for that to make a real impact, given that the update didn’t hit in time for those newcomers.


Or if you see you are matched against low level crs don’t pick your best players.
I see so many people brag about angel of death or being so good yet they run Benedict with legendaries and spam Hawkeye at the level 9 on my team.
People can play with their friends and be in premades just play accordingly, give yourself some handicaps maybe.

Sorry just venting some frustrations. The matchmaking is not great but there are ways around that. Matchmaking is terrible in golf or football or basketball yet people still find ways to have fun.


Well better quit now because it’s. Or gonna get fixed.

You do it because otherwise you are waiting 20 minutes for a match?

I am absolutely positive by that comment it means you are on PC. If that is the case, it is an entirely different story and you have my condolences :frowning:

Nope, I solo queued just the other day.

Unless I was rolling with players from the previous match, 20 minutes or more for matchmaking to find me a match on PSN.

I solo queue most of the time on ps4 and barely have time to set up my gear loadouts in between games. It is strange how there is such a discrepancy. Sorry to hear that.


Surely you can’t be in American time zone oddjob otherwise…

I mean, I find a game solo queue in a couple of mins at most in incursion or quick match and im on PS4 in west coast.

I too dont even have time to tinker with my loadouts till it asks me to pick a stage

Both type of players are better to maintain. It helps us as players but most importantly it helps the devs to keep making profit.

Edit: again with the PS4 low population be used as an excuse . Some people say the number is perfectly fine. They get matches quickly while others say it takes them over 20 mins. Are both true depending on what time of the day Battleborn is played? Xbox1 doesn’t experience this scenario. It’s always active 24/7 I think.

It really does depend on your region and country it seems - I’m on XB1 in Australia & finding a match during a weeknight is a waiting game that usually doesn’t end with a match starting


The Australian prime-time population pool on PS4 is so limited that, even if you don’t form a premade with your friends, if you solo queue at the same time you’ll likely end up on the same team anyway. :confused:

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And that also probably (definitely) something that has been to my detriment and frustration with the matchmaking - I’ve only ever solo queued and gone it alone.

Atleast when Beatrix comes out I have the weekend to try and get her lore done…hopefully haha

I wish you were on PS4. We’d have your back. :frowning:

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