High Levels ALWAYS going against low levels

Okay Gearbox, this is stupid. When I do random public matches (I’m CR 105) I almost always get paired with other high levels. Problem is, the other team is almost always full of CR 20 or below. Hence, we always STOMP them. Hell, I’m playing a match against a bunch of low levels, and we’re even down on teammate since he left at the start of the match. We’re still destroying them.

PLEASE fix this. People will stop playing otherwise :rage:


im usually on that other team. people above level 20 apparently don’t exist on xbox anymore. I don’t always play BB in a group of lvl 5’s (ok thats a lie, i cant seem to get a team that’s NOT lvl 5, but that defeats the meme) but when I do it’s always against a team of full 105’s that will continuiously 3,4, or 5v1 and then taunt (usually me as the lvl 5’s are afk, left, or sitting in spawn) the entire game while they spawn camp.


You’re complaining cause you get stuck on the wining team? I feel so sorry for you try getting stuck on the lol CR team for a whole night then reevaluate how u feel about being with players your rank.

Im on Xbox so player base is not an issue nor is wait times yet I just ran three straight incursion matches against three different maxed out teams while I’m stuck with noobs and low CR’s. My win % is well above 70% so that also can’t be a reason I’m constantly stuck on the low CR team.

How can the devs find time to push out big updates but they can’t fix the broken matchmaking? I’m not even asking for separate modes just mix the teams up if there are 10 players and 4 of them CR’s are well below the other 6 what since does it make to have them all on the same damn team?

Yet people don’t understand why players surrender so quick. Maybe becuase high lvl CRs don’t feel like carrying a whole team by themselves.

If they just fixed the matchmaking and didn’t make certain players start out at a disadvantage that would mean so much more to me than this winter update.

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Sums up my experiences too when I still played PVP… :pensive:

I wish I understood the elo system more in matchmaking. I usually play with my buddy on Ps4. 9/10 we have allies between 3-30 against all 100+. I didn’t used to look at cr because I know it’s not a true indicator of skill, but there was a two week span where we couldn’t win. So, I started checking. That’s when I noticed this. Cr might not indicate skill, but it can reflect experience. Some of the worst of these matches included losing both sentries in under eight minutes and a 26-0 kill score. I’m guessing not playing as a five man pre-made might subject us to this, but holy crap it was discouraging.

Yeah, they really need to mix up those teams desperately.

I don’t know the fundamentals of the Match Making system of Battleborn, but these “making your team first and then looking after opponents” might be part of the problem.

This entire thread to me seems like people don’t understand how matchmaking needs to work for a game with a low population like Battleborn. I’ve even seen the same type of matchmaking (minus the find two teams of 5 and put them together tactic) in games with large populations. there’s not much you can change without matchmaking times taking long. So either deal with what we got, or go back to waiting 5, 10, 20 mins for a match.

Belonging to the winning side on a regular basic is extremely boring too. I surrender even if we are winning when there’s no challenge from the opponents. I usually solo queue but win most of the time. I would say I lose once every 7-8 matches.

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Yuppp. My teammates often complain when I start saying we should just surrender or quit because of how incredibly boring lopsided matches are.

I hate winning when I didn’t earn it, much more than I hate losing.

Wasn’t this the type of match making battleborn used when the population wasn’t so low? I am not calling you wrong - im just curious because I didn’t play back in May.

That tactic is the problem though. It’s like saying “The patient didn’t die because their heart surgeon removed their head - I’ve even seen successful open heart surgeries before (minus the decapitation)!”


@jaden374 They had an ELO-esque type matchmaking to begin with and it was terrible. We would spend at least 10 mins waiting for matches. It was dark, dark times.

@EdenSophia While I’m not disagreeing, but at this point I’m wondering if they could even turn their matchmaking system into that of a normal matchmaking system now. I do think it would’ve worked fine just to get 10 people and set them on team without all the hassle of find a team of 5, now find another team of 5, now make them fight. The only downfall i see would be that we would either be stuck fighting the same people in rematches over and over again, or we’d have to re-ready up every match.

I see…

So by your logic, would that then mean that the problem with the matchmaking isn’t the low population necessarily (since I’m lead to believe the population was quite higher back in the day), but rather, poor algorithm in determining matchups?

Shouldn’t there be some magic “middle ground” in finding somewhat even teams vs finding a game in suitable time?

Right now, I find myself instantly getting grouped with people of a similar CR between the 5 of us and then almost instantly getting plopped against another group of people with similar CR to the 5 of them. It takes like 1 minute (ps4) for MM to find these two teams…which is actually awesome and a testament to the (still) health of this game on ps4.

The only problem is that these two groups - - the one group of similar CR is like lvl 30 avg while the other group is lvl 103 avg. This is a very strong trend Im seeing.

With the quick speed that the matchmaking is finding these low lvl groups…and the quick speed that it is finding these high lvl groups…you would think that it would have enough common sense to tabulate avg CR of the 5 people in one group (or skill lvl as the devs say) and then just look for another completed 5 man group with somewhat similar CR/SR to the first group.

I understand the excuse of “not enough people”, potentially causing this issue. BUT… the speed that these groups are getting formed appears really really really fast to me. It’s like within a minute…or two. So it doesn’t make sense in that regard.

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The most logical solution that can be done that (probably) doesn’t take as much manpower and developing as an entire ELO rework is just to get the 5 man 105 team and the 5 man 30 team and just split them between two teams. One team will have one significantly more experienced player, but it would help the curb stomp at least a little.

Just collecting 10 people at once and then letting it split sounds like it would work (for the time being)

Unfortunately, we’ve asked the devs for this, and they’ve told us that it requires an extensive matchmaking code rework that can’t be done. I suspect they’ve hardcoded some prickly stuff. :frowning:


This already happens though.

Hey, feel lucky for that! I’m up to “being dodged in queue by the same people over and over again” :cry:


I only have it happen on low pop times on PS4 like once a week at most. Which isn’t terrible compared to some other games I’ve played.

I actually get paired with low CR players almost all the time when playing with one of my friends, but there are those times when I’ve seen entire teams of high/low CR’s, but most of the time it’s mixed for me.

I had a good steak of even matches for a couple of weeks…its just been the past two days - i’ve had a total of 6 games all be lopsided in CR in a row. So maybe it’s just slightly bad luck. Actually, my last lopsided game was against a gearbox dev so its not all bad luck! :smile:

Had much better luck for the prior couple of weeks to that. I’m just going to chalk it up to a glitch in the matrix. I’m anticipating and hoping that as the player base continues to grow back on the PS4, that the algorithm will be adjusted better and better to accommodate even skill rank games. Placing incursion in its own queue again was a GREAT first indication that stuff is getting better.

And with the queue’s split on ps4 again (incursion vs everything else), I am still finding incursion games just as fast as when it was in the solo queue.

Its great to want to play a game mode and know you are going to actually get that game mode :octopus: