High Levels ALWAYS going against low levels

I’ve noticed there’s a lot more try-hards in the Incursion queue, which means more fair matches and more fun!

Consider yourself lucky, I keep getting stuck in games with lvl 30’s and below, maybe one other 105 going up against a full 105’s premade team. I try and give out some tips but people think they can solo it all.

For those constantly getting paired with all low levels pay attention to the Title.

Now that PS4 seems to have a decent player base (maybe just as much as Xbox1), there’s no excuse to not go by title recognition. This is why I constantly get paired with high level CR. Title recognition plays an important role in spotting potential experienced player prior to character selection screen

Do you also dodge the matchup if the enemy has “low level titles” or only when your team has some?


What is this title recognition you speak of?

any titles that you get easily, versus those that require time to unlock. nut buster versus the 999th.

Yeah I understand that, my questioning is how he thinks it works for him and his pairing, against others.

not sure. i dont back out of matches 99.9% of the time anyway.
my .01% is getting rematched against a team that just crushed us. ill back out of that and wait for then to get a match before queueing again. :stuck_out_tongue:

My approach is summarized in this post I made on this thread. I used the “Getting a job” analogy as an example.

It’s at 72/96 I think.

Oh Okay. I guess I play the opposite side. I like pick my titles based on the image and not the saying. Whatever I think looks cool for the day…

Plus my WoS and Badda Boom and Coop titles are bugged locked on me, even though they show 100% completed.

Thank you for clarifying. I always get paired with 105s or above 100s every game, I thought I was just luckier than most players.

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I don’t pay attention to the enemy’s title. Title recognition is only for your own team. Remember, when some of us used to stay when all/most of your team members were level 100’s? And leave when there were many low levels on your team? (Prior to hiding command rank) That’s the purpose of recognizing titles at the moment.

I do tend to leave when my opponents are all/mostly low levels while my team has all high levels. Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 the match starts anyway (because no one else leaves!!!) and I have to come back to finish that match.

Contact support with screenshots of the completed titles. They’ll fix that for you right away.

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yeah, just seems like a lot of work on my end, for little pay off :wink:

except for 99.9% of people, they really haven’t achieved it, and it’s just showing up as complete due to a glitch.


Ahhh there’s such a thing? I always wondered why I didn’t encounter this problem I’ve seen so many complained.

Thats probally what happend on my end, but I do have screens of my coop, then heard that if turrets kill something… anyways it seems like a lot of work to submit things on my end. Hopeful that winter patch will correct those issues.

Apparently no one’s ever told you to not judge a book by it’s cover. The whole reason they hid command ranks was because of people who backed out of matches for being with low lvl’s or were intimidated by the enemies command rank. I’ll run whatever title I want, not because I want someone to judge me by it and make accusations of how well or not I will preform in a PVP. With a mindset like this in the community soon they might as well hid title’s because people will use it as a way to avoid others who don’t fit their PVP standard. (Not saying any of this will happen mind you, but that’s what this kind of mindset drives things towards.)

Then again your opinions are your own, and I’m not going to judge you for them, just felt like adding in my own opinion on the situation.

P.S. I prefer to run Crazy About You because who doesn’t ship Toby/Orendi?


I’m surprised more people don’t already know this. It annoys me everytime some pleb says “hey I have worthy of song, but it’s not unlocked” and I’m just like, “no, you don’t have worthy of song. it’s a bug.”

Also, tiny syntax thing:

A bug is a known error that is repeatable, and always occurs. (Titles showing up as 100% completed, despite not actually being completed)

A glitch is a non-repeatable, random occurance with no reasonable cause or reason. (A basic critical attack doing 3,000+ damage, when they usually do 200+ damage with that character)

I was not going to reply to this but I’ll make my points across just like you did. I’m not sure if the devs ever provided the exact purpose behind hiding the command ranks (prior to selection screen) but most of us assumed it was due to various reasons. One of those primary reasons was to mask the matchmaking problem. The one where low levels newcomers would get intimated/furious by getting matched against higher level players. I highly doubt it has anything to do because of a specific player’s mindset.

No one likes to be judged and labeled but in games we will whether we like it or not. I judge the potential player experience based on the title they have equipped. It tends to help a lot of times but of course it’s not 100% accurate. For example I can easily switch from “Angel Of Death” to a title like “Battleborn” and be judged as an amateur. Titles recognition is the only way we have to help us decide if we want to be in a team (with a specific group of people) when we are playing solo.

I am more wary of people who lack a title altogether.

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