High Mayhem fights must be insane

Seriously. I took my 65 Moze with some M10 weapons to take on M11 Graveward. I was tickling it-like using a airsoft gun except the airsoft pellets were made of marshmellow. The only reason I’m able to nuke him is I use two missile launchers with a weapon equipped that has a 100% rocket pod damage bonus and I got the 60% bonus damage skill from using double weapons. So I have to ask-how the hell do people farm higher mayhem bosses? I’m truly curious.

By having good min/maxed builds and gear with half way decent annointments. Once your situated their isn’t anything that can really stand in your way regardless of who you play as.


Just build and gear. I play Zane, and at M-11 his Clone & Drone skills are too powerful, his health regeneration is absurdly high, and if you keep moving his damage is immense.
Then add a set of Light Show pistols and a O.P.Q. rifle and he’s killing Graveward, or whoever, pretty danged quickly.
With no real risk of life or limb.

And I say this as a somewhat better than average player, NOT a really good player or expert. The game just kinda rolls over if you pick up the right gear.

Which is why I’m replaying Sniper Elite 4 right now instead of BL3…

Yeah… I play with a big variety of builds and gear, and some characters with certain loadouts crush MM11, where sometimes I’ll use lousy gear, and I have to turn it down a notch so I can use them comfortably. It’s much the same with builds.


Various DLC3 weapons make farming at M10/M11 kind of easy.

Graveyard was the main boss I farmed when m10 came out since he has lots of world drops. It was only hard until I got the Krakatoa sniper and decent annointment. With Moze, I put points into extra fire dmg, and used the com with micro-grenades on crit hits. Ideally you use one with % extra sniper dmg, Maliwan dmg, or both. Usually he fell within 3 clips, before the badass jabbers and dinos came out.
In the current game, just use iron bear with dual mini guns. He has nothing worth farming for, though.

Synergetic builds and well-optimized gear. Moze is generally quite powerful, so I must wonder if maybe the gear you were using just didn’t go well with your build.


And also if the spec failed to include Fire in the Skag Den? That alone should be killing Graveward pretty quickly.

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M10 Weapons or M10 legendaries?

what build? What stats on your items? What classmod? What artifact?

All i see is, i can’t do damage on M10 and i have no idea why…

It’s actually easy to steamroll everything in M10…

I’ve found that M10/11 Moze is actually easier than M1, because of the way certain skills of hers scale in mayhem.

And get her some gear that has a +100% damage to whatever choice of Iron Bear weaponry you want and you’ll demolish everything. With my main Iron Bear-centered build I scrape up every bonus I can to splash/AOE damage (passive bonuses on relics, COMs, skills, etc.) use plain Vanquisher rocket pods for bosses and nukes for mobbing, and pretty much the only gun I use is a Plasma Coil with +100% damage to the Vanquishers. It deletes everything.

I’m running Zane with Clone/Drone, a rad Trevonator, rad MIRV-tacular Hex, safe-space ASA Red Suit, and a Seein’ Dead with +action skill damage, +splash damage radius, and +splash damage. I forget which artifact I primarily use, I carry a few on me for different things, but some kind of rad elemental projector iirc.
Between the Clone and Drone both constantly dropping MIRV Hexes, and the beefed up splash of the Trevonator, the entire battlefield buries the needle on the Geiger-counter in seconds. The Red Suit keeps the Clone alive, and the safe-space knockback is just like launching skeet for him.