High Noon Maggie grenade chucking cryo build

This build has some of the same raw ingredients as the now popular Zane cryo build but differs in that it leans into just one gun, The Maggie, and one action skill.

The name of the build is a homage to High Noon, a 1952 movie staring Gary Cooper, about a Marshall of a small town who finds himself alone and has to single-handedly face down a train full of bandits. So since the game-play/showcase of the build takes place in the Slaughter Shaft, where I’m alone and there are actual train tracks and bandits, High Noon seemed like an appropriate title.

Warning! I’m not a content creator so there is no editing. It’s just me and Shadowplay. The information is broken down into two videos. The first is a breakdown of the build and the second is a raw unedited Slaughter Shaft showcase of the build with live commentary. But don’t expect to be entertained because I’m not that funny.

Part I: https://youtu.be/feAUo8csK7c

Part II: https://youtu.be/XzZq2hLhbMo

Thanks for the build, looks very interesting for a single-action-skill build. How would you rank it for Zane, considering other build options? How would you optimize this build?

Ranking it is hard for me because I don’t think in terms of ranking. Because of how Zane is designed I think in terms of gear first; then I craft a build to support the gear. What I can say for sure though is that currently this is not a boss burning build. That may change in the event we get a broken grenade like the Pipe Bomb used to be. All that said I’m going to try to answer your question on your terms.

Because this is a mobbing build we have to compare it to other mobbing builds and the most popular mobbing build for Zane right now is of course the dual action skill cryo build that leans into Lucian’s Call (legendary Vladof AR), Laser-Sploder (legendary Torgue AR), and/or cryo Crosswroads (legendary Hyperion SMG). Solo action skill builds necessarily leave some DPS on the table in the form of Synchronicity while dual action builds do not. Additionally, a Laser-Sploder based build is well suited to take maximum advantage of Violent Momentum because it’s easy to keep your gun on target while moving around at high speed because it shoots a beam not a bullet. So in terms of pure raw DPS the dual action skill builds can be better. But what the solo build loses due to Synchronicity it makes up for in control via grenades. The one issue the dual skill builds have is that you can’t spam grenades and you have to depend on RNG for your clone/SNTL to drop grenades.

To my point about grenades, I’m working on a new build that uses the new Bloody Harvest DLC grenade. I need the relic that boosts corrosive dmg after a kill to truly make it effective. I was running out of bank space and was too lazy to make yet another mule (I already have almost 30 now) so I deleted the relic a week ago and now I need a new one. When I get one I’m going to work on corrosive based build centered around that grenade. With a dual skill based build it’s harder to lean into grenade based builds.

I hope I answered your question and thank you for your interest.

Hey I just watched the build and I can say I would give this a try. I would like to add a suggestion though. I saw you posting another class mod on a certain discord server that wasn’t Executor prefix but Infiltrator. Infiltrator works great when shield is depleted so you could easily pair it with a rough rider to get permanent max stats from the class mod and an otto idol artifact so you have some sustainability.

Hello again! :grin:

Full disclosure for others. This conversation started on a Discord server and @antokios was kind enough to bring it here so all the Zane mains can participate and provide guidance and ideas.

The Rough Rider/Infiltrator combo is great in principle but it doesn’t work well for my High Noon build because one of the core aspects of the build is grenade spamming and the Big Boom Blaster is the key enabler of that.

Because of this build’s ability to throw grenades when we want it vs depending on RNG (note, SNTL is more predictable in grenade use than the clone but it’s still outside of our control) we get more precise control over freezing enemies compared to dual action skill builds. This means we can make the most effective use of Refreshment so we don’t need the additional sustainability from an artifact. Instead we can use the artifact to make up some of the DPS we give up from not doubling up via Synchronicity. Additionally, we have a spare point that we can put into Salvation and get healing against non frozen targets such as anointed enemies. And if non frozen targets is a major concern we can move some of the points out of Cool Hand and into Salvation for more sustain if Refreshment isn’t getting it done. For example, if we wanted to do a build that mained a non cryo grenade.

Finally (almost :grin:), thank you for engaging in this build conversation in a positive way. With so much toxicity about everything on the Internet I’ve started making it a point to be deliberate in expressing appreciation to those who engage in good faith. I hope I have effectively address the points you’ve raised and have given you a better understanding of the choices I’ve made in this build.

A quick aside. I got an upgrade to a few of the items in my build. The build is not “perfect” yet. But with the blessings of RNJesus thanks to my sacrificial goats and/or my continued good fortune in finding cool vault hunters willing to share their bounty it will get there. If y’all are interested in a video update to the build let me know.


Wow, thank you for going so in depth analyzing thoroughly your points. I tossed in that suggestion completely ignoring the core mechanic of this build. I forgot that in order to provide some useful feedback / suggestion I have to actually roll with the build for some hours instead of rushing to the author with the first thing that pops to my head.

Thanks again for taking the time to elaborate. I’ll play some with this build and share my experience here.