High-XP Side Mission Guide?

Has anyone done a sorted list of non-story missions ordered by XP? Should be possible to datamine from wikia or something, and would be super useful for those interested in minmaxing their levelling. I did a quick search but didn’t see one.

Guardian Hunter and Sterwin Forever can be milked for hilarious amounts of XP.

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Theres a mission on the space station that I think is called ‘things that go boom’. You get it from the same place as red then dead.
It was kind of broken due to faulty health scaling but it should be fixed now and gives a ridiculous 75k exp.

Yep that was one I remember, and is exactly what I am talking about. A list of those kinds of missions would be awesome.

Everyone knows about easy farms like RedBelly and RK5 giving great XP; the XP-cow missions are not as well known.

This. Tens of thousands of XP a minute.

I really need to take advantage of this before they hotfix or patch it. I really like having access to things like this for various reasons. It’s actually very interesting how many missions in the game have “dudes will spawn here infinitely if you don’t complete the mission”. Thankfully the solution would likely be some sort of XP decrease for ALL of those mobs. That wouldn’t be smart. So I’m hoping they never patch it out. Or they decrease the spawn rate for those things, but that also breaks things. So here’s hoping we get to keep those things around.

Oh. Regarding XP of missions, I’d also like to see this. Does the wikia have it?

“Failing” the mission and having to start it all over wouldn’t really affect the XP-milking, and would just annoy the hell out of everyone else.

Thankfully the solution would likely be some sort of XP decrease for ALL of those mobs.
[/quote]That already happens. Shooting Ophas all day has a diminishing return for XP (just like everything else), while gaining levels.
Reducing the XP payout of the affected guardians would just make the process slightly slower, while (again) annoying the hell out of everyone else.

It’s not particularly “game-breaking” anyway, no more so than shooting volcanic rakks with an Infinity for several hours.

They did patch fleshstick’s XP down in borderlands 2. Before I got to take advantage of it.

But you’re right of course. Eventually you level up past it’s usefulness. Or in UVHM, you max out at the level cap. And then what? Your gear is underlevel.

Good times. And riding the target in Marcus’ range.

The grinder negates this. Run through Titan industrial, you can outrun most everything, hit all the chests and grab a leveled Gwen. Grind the chest fodder and/or use Gwen in Tycho’s Rib. They drop lotsa grinder food.

That and grind yourself and range of weapons with xp bonus luneshine. I keep a level 40 maggie with xp bonus to help.

<3 my XP bonus Casual Flakker :slight_smile:

Wikia has the XP data but no list, IIRC. I didn’t see a list with orderable columns by XP while searching.

when 50+ in TVHM the exp rewards for missions drop to almost nothing so do them before you hit 50 if you want those high numbers. Sterwin even says we can kill as many of the wraiths as we want… so they better not patch given that line of dialog. i also think in UVHM the values for exp increase as you level so i wouldnt trust the wikias values for reward exp