Higher DPS build than FL4k's Terror Lucky 7?

I missed the Blood Harvest event in 2019 but finally was able to gear up from it this time around.

I followed the basics on a Lucky 7 Terror Build and then augmented with:

-URAD Lucky 7
-Deathless artifact with 60% increased mag size
-St4ckbot class mod with 54% Jakobs crit bonus
-Shield/grenade terror combo to proc terror and terror-related ammo regen

In the end, at full stacks, I was able to get ~9-10M damage per shot, not including Fadeaway bonuses or the like. It was as OP a DPS build as I’ve seen in nearly a year playing. It made things like the Slaughter arenas and Maliwan Takedown absurdly easy and while the Guardian Takedown is still a slog, the biggest danger I faced was missing a platform jump. Otherwise, I could dish ridic damage against everything. mobs and bosses alike.

My question: is this as good as it gets for a FL4k DPS build?

I tried a Peregrine/Ghast Call build which was cool but not as efficient. I tried a new purple tree build with a war loader which, with Gamma and Red Fang, made survivability super easy but the damage output was severely curtailed on my end. Anything else I should try that would up my damage even more?




Try the Messy Breakup with the pet build and 1 point in the shield regen on crits skill. It’s sisgusting and consistent but you may have to swap the shield off then on if the drones glitch under the map sometimes. As for a Fl4k central build, that’s usually around where your damage sits but you will get downed often in exchange.

Just tried Punchbot and that’s also absurd. The only problem I ran into was on the Guardian takedown first boss where I didn’t have a strong enough FFYL weapon to help me get a revive after being downed by the immunity phase explosion. I might bring a Lightshow or Plaguebearer next time as backup.

URAD Face-Puncher should solve your issues.

Bruh, I have the exact same problem with flak. I’m using a terror regen stop gap with 30% absorb, and instead of urad Lucky 7, I have an ASE of every element. It’s hard to go back to using normal guns. Especially with the lootsplosion modifier.

Also, not that you asked for suggestions on your current build, but if you haven’t tried the newly reworked dominance, it’s actually really good for lucky 7. You pretty much never have agro on you (especially if you also use not my circus with FA like I do). Maybe that could add a bit more flavor to what you’re already running, idk

Trick is to jump away from Anathema’s shadow. Being downed by the immunity phase isn’t the way, avoid it.

I’m running the exact same build, except I use a terror ammo regen front loader, so that I can use a Pearl of Ineffible knowledge/any other artifact I want. Might be better DPS.

Though now that i think about it, an Amp shield with terror ammo regen + fuzzy math would be more dps then what you said, but it’s probably not worth it.

I may be misunderstanding the math but given that URAD gives you 150% bonus, I don’t think the Pearl’s bonuses ever get nearly as high.

The front loader activates URAD, so you get both the Pearl and Urad at the same time.

Front loader w pearl gives the most damage although I’m strongly considering an ase corrosive lucky 7 with flesh melter victory rush and going all the way down the green tree for power inside.