Highest Cryo Efficiency

Was wondering what weapons had the highest freeze chance. the highest i have seen is 320% on alien maliwan shotguns.

woman’s mouth from top of my head, they come in variations where whatever comes out of the barrel just turns everything in front stone cold frozen.

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Yesterday i was on the hunt for all the unique weapons from the quests and i saw that the cryo green laser that Ellie gives you for the Kevin’s quest on the Sanctuary is actually preatty good at freezing enemies.
Mine had 216% chance but the costant flow of the cryo freezes a whole lot.

dunno if the laser sploder could do the same tho. still need to find a cryo laser sploder

it is not a great freezer i have ton of experience with it, it is good but not in crossroad butcher lucians call tier, mashers will freeze faster than cryo sploader just get dem crits lul

maggie best freezer in game confirmed.

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hex grenades have 1000+ cryo efficiency post nerf. I will keep using them for that alone

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you are talking about using the maggie and the skill brainfreeze in a combo?

Maggie with Brain Freeze actually does work, and pretty damn well in my experience.

That being said, best cryo efficiency? Cryo Infinity with 50% status chance w/ barrier up annoint and Violent Violence active. Not the best % wise but high accuracy/firerate and near pinpoint accuracy on anything larger than a shrunken Tink head combined with no need to reload and risk Brain Freeze stacks falling off? Yes please. Also works wonders to proc Brain Freeze/CCC on bosses.

great idea, thank you!

lmao I need this gun just for the name itself xD

try to go for annointed version it does not speak to you ! and freezes twice as faster with medusa stare.

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