Highest Damage Number You've Seen

I play this game quite a bit, but I don’t actually know what the display cap is, nor if it’s achievable. Also just wondering about player’s ‘personal bests’ and the damage numbers that stood out to you the most.

This is the highest I’ve encountered myself is this, a DVL/no accessory Elephant gun.

Went through the finds thread and saw a perfect parts high-damage Bessie.

Not aware of any true damage cap, just a theoretical high number that parts could allow.

You seem to really like the Elephant Gun! How many do you actually have - did you keep them all?

It’s been a few months since I’ve sat down, got the notebook out, and started to mark down finds, but last I remember I had gotten up to a full backpack of the damn things. If I find a higher quality one it’ll replace a lower quality one I have. I guess. Don’t really remember what I did with rejects.

Sorry, I meant like displayed damage values. The damage on weaponsskillscoms*crit in a practical sense. For example, one of the highest that I’ve done recently was 66k against some poor Marauder.

Cap is 99999. The only place I’ve seen it was a well-placed, Gun Crazy-ed masher crit on a Drifter.