Highest item score (UPDATED 4/1/2020)

I’m wondering if there are point bonuses to certain sights or sights as opposed to no sights. Because I’m pretty sure that affected the monetary value in BL2. Even though they don’t technically change the damage of the gun. They could change the effectiveness though. But imo that differs per person/play style.

Now that i think about it they do change the stats in BL3 though don’t they?

I think the parts give the bonuses. Or at least most of it. If you watch, 2 parts give +10% fire rate each and another gives +5%. The last 2% might be from the manufacturer being Vladof, probably some small multiplier for fire rate there. That would account for the fire rate +27% boost.

Also, AFAIK, the boosts are calculated in the stats on the card. So it’s not a 13.67/s * 1.27 for fire rate, it’s just 13.67/s. I noticed this when comparing damage values on weapons that had damage boosts.

I made an edit too to add more to that post BTW.

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you’re not wrong, yeah. I’d likely place more certain value on like. Jakobs parts or Hyperion, Tediore was always super cheap too iirc. the lack of named parts is weird. but they may weigh/score certain parts higher given the implicit backing - higher for damage parts, lower for accuracy, idk?

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Accuracy maybe, but the scopes don’t provide any bonuses specifically so I want to say no. Though if you roll without a scope it will probably decrease both the item score and monetary value of the weapon, since it has less parts technically.

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yeah you absolutely do “want” a scope for higher score. it’s a part slot filled

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I personally hate scopes in this game, but that’s just preference. While it might make the weapon less, let’s say “shiny”, it shouldn’t impact the function of the weapon. If you theoretically had 2 identical weapons, one with and one without a scope, they should be equal in terms of gameplay, but the one with the scope will have a better item score and sell for more money.

The only weapons I’ll take a scope are AR’s and obviously snipers. But for AR’s I prefer the non-scopey scopes (no zoom more like a red dot).

Yeah so far idk anything about parts in this game. Was the exact opposite in BL2. May be too much for my decaying memory lol. But i like the possibilities. Just wish it was a bit more clear. Like you said, named would help a lot. So far i’ve not put too much stock into weapon scores. But that’s not saying they don’t interest me. Found a purple Jakobs Stagecoach that was x25. Not seen one anywhere close. Wondering how rare it is. It has to have at least 5 different parts that give it more pellets

Yeah i went and looked after i said that. It’s the same as it’s always been.

And yes i personally hate scopes too. Tbh i’d rather not have sights at all on a lot of guns. Must be the only person around that absolutely loves my iron sight bekah

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just a random nitpick, while i love that they added the ability to inspect each part, i do wish they would name which brand each part are from. ):

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Iron sights are the best.

If you disagree then you need to GIT GUD!

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I agree. It would help with these analysis and such. Even if the names weren’t crazy like the names of the guns, just something like “barrel attachment type 7” or something so we can at least recognize the part on another gun.

couldn’t agree more, game gives me ogres with scope 100% of the time ):

I just got a really nice Unending Magnificent with shock AND anointment that adds bonus shock damage for my FoE Amara that RIPS AND TEARS with shock weapons. But the scope on this thing is so God awful it makes me want to cry. Like this could be an amazing weapon for me if it turns out this scope is annoying to play with I’m tossing this weapon IDC.

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my condolences! ) :

EDiT: i recently found a butcher with 300% weapon damage after phaseslam. i’ll be honest, i’m kinda scared off it. it’s stupid how good this gun is.

Someone made a Fl4k sniper post and I was glancing over it and saw a 641 Lyuda which is the highest I’ve seen so far.

I have seen a 647 purple vladof assault rifle, didnt printscreen it but I’m curious what the max is and if it’s slightly relevant? A week later and I’m sad I vendored it considering how rare it is that I even saw that lol

you should check, at least we can inspect gun parts now. The thing I’ve noticed is that jakobs shotguns tend to go back and forth on two things, pellets and mag size, and it’s extraordinarily rare to find one that contains more than 2 shots and also high pellet count.

unfortunately they didn’t but what we do have is the ability to instinctively know what brand parts naturally belong to, if only because they made them fairly distinct. Vladof gets fire rate, damage to Jakobs, Atlas is accuracy, etc etc

I’m under the impression that if you found an assault rifle with all damage parts and all other conditions met that would be the highest score

oh, definitely. even if i know that vladof gets fire rate for example, i still find it super difficult to actually connect the dots haha. maybe vladof is a bad example, it’s easy to remember. but say magazine, +30 magazine size usually doesn’t tell me much since it could be +50 for vladof and +20 for torgue for example. i’m also still not great at indentify parts by brand. this is something i’m so confused about in BL2. there’s people who know exactly what parts a weapon has before it hits the ground, i barely know what weapon it is lol. by naming the brands it’s just simpler to tell which part it is, especially if it’s multiple stats!

even if they just name it “vladof magazine” it’s easier to narrow down which vladof magazine it is out of how many available

haha, in bl2 part spotting was visual! and it was recognizable except for the grips, which you had to zoom in on a bit. This game literally throws accessories and non-visual pieces at you all the time

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Yeah looking at it now. It’s 295x25, 3 bullet mag, but 3 ammo per shot so one shot. But a 1.2s reload time.

Barrel: projectiles per shot +8
Barrel Acc 2: projectiles per shot +50%
Bolt: projectiles per shot +35%
Foregrip: projectiles per shot +15%
Stock Acc: projectiles per shot +35%