Highest item score

Just wondering what the highest item score people have seen.

The highest item score I found was a purple rarity anointed Maliwan railgun sniper with dual elements. It had a score of 620. The second highest I actually just found today, also a sniper, anointed legendary Stark ASMD with a score of 611. The third highest was ALSO a sniper, anointed legendary corrosive Woodblocker with a score of 601.

I would give a picture of the first, but I gave it to a friend as a peace offering because we got into an argument LOL.

But it is exceedingly rare to see a weapon with a score above 600. And based on my experience, only snipers can even break that limit.

EDIT: And of course all these weapons were level 50.

EDIT 2: Just an update, my friends sent me a picture of this rifle with a score of 631, which makes it the highest scoring item in the game right now.


credit @wldpftkfkd

Also unofficially @beaudiangelo stated they found a Vladof AR with a score of 647.


I believe 621 is the highest (an anointed Faisor). Could be wrong though.

That was the same thing for me but i think i recently found smtn with a higher number, will comment again when i get back into the game.

Interesting. Only 1 point above the sniper I found.

What I found super weird was the fact it was only purple rarity, not legendary. I forget the exact stats/anointment, but it was like the best possible roll you could get I remember. I didn’t want to part with it, but I’d rather do that than lose a friend. It was Maliwan, perfect parts I think. Railgun version (where you charge it and it shoots a single shot, you could also quick fire it or hold the charge). It had 2 elements, I know one was Shock, I think the other was Rad or Corrosive. It was actually a very nice weapon. Honestly the only sniper I found that was superior to it in terms of viability was a Lyuda.

What is the purpose of item score? Is a higher scored weapon suppose to be better than a lower one?

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I think it’s to help you determine a weapon’s strength at a glance. It seems that perfect parts (as in all the same manufacturer) increase the score, as does anointments and elements. Rarity is kind of tied to it, if you were to collect 100 of each rarity and compare scores you’d see them grouped together. But rarity is also tied to parts and elements and such too. The item type also seems to matter. As I pointed out, snipers tend to have higher scores in general compared to other item types with the same rolls.


Every level 50 anointed Hellfire I’ve seen had an item score of either 601 or 621. 621 is the highest I’ve come across and after a lot of online trading, I believe the highest possible.

Damn I had a Hellfire I gave it away. Wasn’t anointed though. Still had a high score, I remember it was always near the top of my inventory (first 2 rows).

I’ll have to farm that Jabber thingy and see if I can get that sweet 621.

I think the formula they use must be heavily skewed towards dmg/fire rate (which makes sense bcs on weapons those are the 2 biggies) and of course snipers have the huge base dmg compared to other types.

At least this seems to me to be logical as to why snipers rate so much higher but just a theory :grinning:

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Rough indicator at best. Higher Gearscore weapons are not automatically “better”. In fact I have had enough weapons with a higher gearscore which felt worse or inferior to what I was using in terms of damage.

Often enough the behavior of a weapon is more important to me then its raw numbers. Take Maliwan pistols for example. You have 2 kinds. One is charging a shot and holding it until you release the trigger. The other is charging and auto-releasing a burst of shots until you stop holding.

I greatly prefer the one-shot charge mechanic over the “empty-my-magazine-in-a-burst” one. I have far more crits and more control that way.


I am the same with regards to the Mali pistol give me a hazardous melter with +125% splash damage on AS annointment and watch some fun splodey melty death.

You can literally take out entire camps with a clip or 2 compared to 200 bullets with the auto’s.

Also that gun 1 shots Kag Jr on mh3 almost completely regardless of debuffs / buffs.

Yet item score always rates it lower than the auto (again guessing heavily skewed dmg/fire rate formula).

I have sold smgs rated 40 points higher purely bcs it did not have any scope on it and the 2 x scope matches my style more.

I have a 621 anointed cryo lucians call.




I asked my friend to send me a clip of that sniper I gave him with a score of 620, showing off the card and the weapon parts. But then he sends me a video of THIS:

This officially means that now 631 is the highest item score you can get. Unless someone can post a picture/video of an item with a higher score.

I didn’t even think about checking score until i saw this thread, these two are my highest i believe

Video showing off the parts for that Molten Vicious Bezoomy with a 631 item score.


@jianderson @sewers @Aceofgods

so vladof, Atlas, Jakobs body accessories

Vladof barrel, Dahl body

Vladof Atlas Jakobs accessories on barrel

Vladof specific attachment with an accessory made by Dahl

Grip made by Dahl with Atlas and Vladof accessories

Foregrip is Atlas

Magazine is COV

Rail is likely Dahl or Atlas

sight is irrelevant, probably Dahl?

and elemental

so the weight formula boils down to: rolling a perfect gun that has every potential accessory and accessory slot, element, anointed (class). I think it also likely weighs fire and corrosive above cryo and radiation, I don’t know if this applies to shock as well. Actual stats of the gun aside level can largely be ignored, mode swap may/may not be important but I’d like to imagine it’s more to do with something being capable of matching the gun manufacturer’s own ability (for ex, Vladof with the underbarrel, Dahl switching fire modes, Maliwan switching elements). I’d also probably say that switching views is going to be rated less than switching a more useful mechanic on the gun

I assume as well that there can be guns that don’t have as many accessories, or slots, or so on, because you’d need to fill up those slots and so that’s where white guns are more basic, just less parts and accessories

yeah, the more parts the weapon has the higher the score is. which is why the score doesn’t really matter. hellwalker is one of the best shotguns but the score is so low because there’s not many different parts on that one.

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yeah they removed names from the parts so I assume they’re just going off a more generalized parts list than banes/boons style system as BL2 had. Jakobs grips for ex were a hotly contested item on Pimps because they provided nicely min-maxed damage you could use at the loss of accuracy, iirc. so it could be that the types of parts are just totally irrelevant, you just have to roll a “perfect” gun that has all the conditions met not even considering the kinds of bonuses more than needing to get a specific manufacturer’s attachment and fully decked out pieces.

No this weapon is an AR. The gun I mentioned in the OP was a sniper with a score of 620.

But otherwise yes, the case for item score seems to be based on how many parts it comes with, anointments, and element. He sent me a clip of that sniper too and I noticed the same pattern that it had a LOT of parts.

So for the highest score you want max possible parts/attachments/accessories, class anointment, and fire or corrosive element. I think mode swap might also play a factor, since this AR is Vladof it has a shotgun mode and that sniper was Maliwan so it had 2 elements.

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thanks, I’ll go back and edit