Highest OPQ damage rolls?

I just got this lovely piece and was wondering, what is the highest damage roll?

Yes, the annointment sucks, but meh

Don’t know about the dmg numbers.
But that anointment doesn’t suck when paired with a Frozen Heart on GB/FA Fl4k or TTB Amara …

I’ve not seen one that hits like that. I want to…curious now myself just how high those #'s go.

98XX iirc. Maybe more with perfect parts.

best damage i’ve seen so far


Damn, thats the exact version i was trying to farm last night.
Love that annointment.
4 hours farming Josie, got 1 opq though :frowning:

I farmed for one for 3hrs. It was Josie and Smallums at Joey

Out of the piles of legendaries, I got 1 Yellowcake and 1 OPQ, both had bad anointments and were lower damage than the current ones I have. I got 7 fish slap nades and other world drops.

These limited time events need better drop rates for the exclusives.

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Droprates are fine, gearbox should just consider adding the exclusive weapons to the world drop lootpool when the event is over

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