Highest projectile shotgun?

I’m switching my sniper zero to a shotgun build but before i do i’m wondering what a good high pellet shotgun is i can use for him, i don’t have the flayer or whatever that other one is, i’m playing without any mods.

The blockhead is a great shotgun with a 9 pellet spread I think.
I dont know if its any good for Zero specifically but my Maya doesnt leave home without one.

Twister. :wink:


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Is the hydra the one that drops from dex…?

I actually got a rustlers and a shock twister though they’re op8 and zer0 is op3

The blockhead is phenominal on a hellborn krieg.

Hydra - drops from the big red crystalisk in Hammerlock’s Hunt. About 24 ish pellets if I remember correctly. Weird horizontal spread, however, so only really useful at point-blank range.

True but legendary sniper adds to precision and one shot one kill.

Fairly certain that doesn’t affect it at all - I had mine on a sniper Zer0, and recall it only changing the crosshair size, not the actual spread.

Hydra and Quad, perhaps the Twister, if you want to go for raw pellet count. Hydra’s spread makes it hard to use post point blank however.

While Sledge’s Shotgun doesnt have such a high pellet count on the card, it shoots in a 2 shot burst, techically giving it more pellets per shot than a regular Quad.

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I use a gun zero with a chaotic evil rogue. I don’t really care about pellets just speed of shots fired. I like using butchers, omens and believe it or not teeth of terra is actually pretty good for me. I also don’t need to be up close and personal.

Twister is absolutely lethal in the hands of Zer0 with B0re talented while Hydra deals the highest raw damage of any non-elemental shotgun without any sort of tricks but deals little to no damage beyond point-blank.

Due to his talents Zer0 can make efficient use of the Striker shotgun. It may not have highest pellet count or damage in close quarters but the Striker is very ammunition efficient and with how small the magazine can be you can take advantage of 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill.

The Triquetra has a very high pellet count while sporting a fixed spread but is not the most damaging shotgun in the game, even among Jakobs.

Stay away from the Orphan Maker if you are ever tempted by it. Due to Zer0’s ability to insanely boost his damage output through Deception he can very well kill himself with it.

Quads have a lot of pellets but they have poor accuracy and eat up ammunition but make up for it with very high damage output, especially if you manage to land most if not all of them on a target’s critical location. If you want a safer and less up close and personal Jakobs shotgun Coach Guns are more ammunition efficient while also being more accurate.

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