Highest Single Shot Damage Across All Three Games?

I feel like The Baroness has the chance to have the highest single shot damage of all the toons from all three games, with this setup:

Here are the skills and gear that matter for the scenario I’m thinking of. Hoping to get a discussion going about what gear would be best, and will update accordingly.

The Huntress:

5/5 Markswoman = +30% Critical Hit Damage
5/5 Culling The Herd = +30% Critical Hit Damage
Long Range Killer = +60% Weapon Damage
5/5 I Never Miss, with 999 stacks = +3496.5% Critical Hit Damage
5/5 Large Caliber = +50% Gun Damage
5/5 Prudent Prudence = +30% Weapon Damage
Custom Loads = +30% Bonus Elemental Damage

Cold Money:

2/5 Cold Advance = +12% Critical Hit Damage

Contractual Aristocracy:

Contractual Obligations = +15% Gun Damage
5/5 Quality Not Quantity = +25% Rare Gun Damage
All Glory to the Master, with 250 stacks = +100% Critical Damage
5/5 Next to Cleanliness = +20% Gun Damage


Highest Damage Sniper Rifle Possible.
Best Amp Shield.
Systems Purge.
Best Class Mod for the above.

So here’s what has to happen:

Enter into a contract and start building Glory stacks and I Never Miss stacks. Quickest way would be to combine these two together, so basically let your servant kill an enemy (one stack of Valet) then let your servant be damaged by another enemy, and then you crit kill the second enemy (converts Valet stack into Glory stack). 250 kills like this for the full 250 Glory stacks, plus an additional 250 run-of-the-mill critical kills for the full 999 stacks of I Never Miss.

Now that the easy part is over ;-P, you’ll need to get melee’d (Prudent Prudence) and hit a crit (Culling the Herd). I hope there’s an amp shield that will recharge faster than Prudent Prudence and Culling the Heard decays (Short Summer could help if not, but then you’ll have to add that stack-building into play.) Let your shield recharge as your servant freezes an enemy that’s far enough away for you to get the full 60% Weapon Damage from Long Range Killer. Zoom in, spin explosive damage (bonus explosive damage for a frozen enemy, although I’m not sure that explosive is an option in Custom Loads, as I haven’t made it to that skill yet).

Then hit a crit.

I mean that has to be the most, right?

Sound good? Can people help me to figure this out? Why? You know why. Thx!

I know this is off topic but I hate it and I mean HATE it when people refer to characters as toons.


Zero would probably win for highest damage single shot for all three games.
B0re was a bit silly with how much damage it could get.

Depending on where all the skills fit in the damage formula, the theoretical highest possible single shot she could put out shouldn’t be to hard to figure out.

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B0re and max Critical Ascension stacks could provide ridiculous single-shot power.

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Yes but also with the scaling TPS and Bl1 don’t stand a chance.

Now if the question is just who can boost damage by the highest % then its something else

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Yes, I suppose we would have to limit gear to level 60. Unless there’s something additional about the scaling in BL2 that I don’t know about. And also, yes, I’m not really talking about points of damage, but rather how one character’s maximum possible damage vs. base vanilla damage compares to another. So it’s basically a math question based on skill tree, although if there’s gear that’s specific to one game vs. another, (like Systems Purge), I’d like to factor that in as well. So, actually I’m not really interested in, for example, the damage on a particular sniper, but rather if it has a superhigh bonus crit damage or something. And like, how slag compares to cryo+explosive. Someone must have done this for the BL1 and BL2 characters at some point, yeah? Does anyone have any memory of that? And I don’t mean to have other people do work for me, but I don’t know enough about the game mechanics to know how these multipliers are determined. I thought I’d throw it out there and if someone was intrigued, they might want to delve into it.

They scale different a level 60 gun in bl2 is much bigger than a level 60 in TPS which is much larger than a level 60 in bl1.

Interesting. So is there a way to compare apples to apples across games or is it a fool’s errand? I just want to get all the vault hunters together and have them have a rap battle, but with guns and stuff.

Normalizing the data with excel can work for this comparison: http://youtu.be/CSPIxFkxqcU

It’s quite easy, take the damage formula and put in the skills and then use 100 for gun damage. Now if you allow for things like the bee from bl2 then its not so easy.

This would be interesting to see. “Which character can boost the damage of a single bullet the most.”

Zer0 was the champ in bl2 and forget about bl1 they barely had any buffs compared to these 2 games. I don’t think anyone will top zer0, deception, kunai, and CA are just too much.

So all that equals with a non jakobs sniper with 100 damage

Damage = 100 x (1 + 60% + 50% + 30% + 15% + 25% + 20% ) x 2 x (1 + 100% + 30% + 30% + 3497% + 12% + 100%) + (100 x (1 + 60% + 50% + 30% + 15% + 25% + 20% ) x 45%)


100 x (1 + 200%) x 2 x (1 + 3769%) + ( 300 x 45%) = 23,359

For Zer0

Damage = 100 x (1 + 200% + 10% + 4995% + 10%) ) x 2 x (1 + 100% + 250% + 20% + 50% + 15% + 40% + 5994% + ) x ( 1 + 20%) x (1 + 80%)


100 x ( 1 + 5215% ) x 2 x ( 1 + 6469%) x ( 1 + 20%) x (1 + 80%) = 1,508,295

So not even close

Yes, this is my question! I haven’t played Zero in a long time, but I just looked at his skill tree and I forgot how insane CA was. Just that alone, at +5994% Critical Damage and +4995% Gun Damage is off the charts.

Cross posted with you. Thanks for working that out. Anyone in between Zero and Aurelia? Gaige perhaps?

Jack or Athena maybe. Athena should have the highest potential in TPS still. I doubt gaige other than anarchy she had almost nothing.

Or Salvador if you count his Gunzerk crit-stacking shenanigans. F.ex. NKLOK, money shot with a Grog/Lady fist combo.

Salvador didn’t really have that many gun damage boost skills. The few he had were very good (money shot, NKLO) but what shined in him was gunzerking, with off-handing crit sharing and moxxi constant healing, letting him tank enough to dish out enough dps to kill enemies. He dosen’t have the single shot potential Zer0 has.

I was arguing about second place.
I know noone comes close to zero with a theoretical 999 CA stacks.

Sorry, forgot about that. I don’t know if Salvador is second place since it’s hard to know just how mucg NKLO will aplly to guns (since it works with excess damage done from killing one enemy to another).