Highest Single Shot Damage Across All Three Games?

Just assume the max damage. I’m pretty confident it is caped at 5x (?). But not sure where it goes in the equation.

4.8 I think as a special mult pre splash

+400% or 5x is the max for NKLO multiplier. Applies to the up to 11.56x (+1056%) from Money Shot.

I dunno, Are we excluding the Ahab and Pimpernel? Cause if not, there’s your champion right there. If not, then yes, Aurelia most likely takes the very expensive cake if built properly with the right sniper rifle.

I doubt its Aurelia. The increase to crit damage from I Never Miss, while nice, pales in comprison at max stacks to even a 30 or 40% base damage increase. And while she can get quite a few base damage increases, I don’t think its enough for her to win this.

If we’re going soley by theoretical numbers, it would be between Sal (NKLO+high powered high crit weapon) or Zero (max Critical Ascension stacks+high powered high crit weapon), followed by Gaige or Krieg. Aurelia, while solid for TPS, will probably not even approach Nisha (with enough theoretical high noon damage) or Athena (with enough malestrom stacks and a fire weapon on flesh)

Technically Sal could output more, but that not including Hyperb0res. You’ve seen the Videos, and if you haven’t you may as well google Hyperius level 1 starter pistol.

Zer0 with a lot of CA can out do anything sal can do on a single shot by a long shot. No B0re needed.

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But B0re put in there anyway, because B0re has no upper limit.

Its a MMo hangover from the days of CoH and WoW way back in 2004 both games looked toony so people just called their avatars “toons” . Borderlands looks drawn so meh it fits.