Highlighted vehicle parts in cargo bay

With one character at level 50, having unlocked quite a number of different vehicle parts, all of the red-highlighted place-markers for vehicle parts in the docking bay still don’t do anything.

So, help me understand. Are these just useless distractions?

Those red ones are the parts you get while doing the hijack challenges. Also all vehicle parts are only unlocked for the character that unlocked them.

How else do you unlock parts if not doing hijack challenges?

My point is, I’ve ‘unlocked’ these parts, but I haven’t ‘unlocked’ these parts with my lvl 50 character. Is there a bug section?

Each character has to unlock the vehicle parts seperately. The red ones are from the hijack challenges. Look in the challenge section on each map to see if that map has a hijack challenge. If it does you find the purple vehicle on your map and go steal it.

To unlock parts that aren’t attached yo challenges, you simply hijack random enemy vehicles snd turn them in to discover if you earn new parts for the catch-a-ride station.

Im pretty sure the Wide wheel is on eden-6(might be wrong). those are the unique parts, where no enemy is just driving it around.

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By hijacking random enemy vehicles that have parts you don’t have unlocked, taking them to the nearest Catch-A-Ride, and scanning them into the system.