Higs vs Vagyr - How to counter missle vettes

Anyone have any good tips for defeating Vagyr missle vettes as Higs? They seem to wreck my interceptors, pulsars and missle frigs. I dont know what else to do.

Torpedo frigates. Scout or probe them, and if you see vettes being produced start making torpedo frigates. Chew up the vettes, the chew up their secondary resource patch, and the game is essentially over.

Missile vettes get called out a lot for being OP, but they’re just as counterable as anything else.

As a hiigaran, torpfrigs. As a vaygr, missvettes yourself. As a HW1 race, gravwells, now that they fixed the bug where gravwells wouldn’t affect vgr vettes.

Hiig Pulsars are a bit more powerful than missile vettes…if the numbers are anywhere near equal = the pulsars win. Torp Frigates are good too.

Vagyr Players can counter them with Lancer Fighters or Missile Vettes.

HW1 races a Grav Well will freeze them…3 Grav Well will permanently freeze them. You can then pick them off with ANYTHING NON-fighter/corvette.

Um… no. Because of a bug, Missile vettes are twice as good as Pulsars now.

But even still, A Hiig player has roughly no right losing to Vaygr. Hiig are just better in every way outside of the vettes.

If you’re talking about the sphereburst bug I thought it was only 20%?

Missile vettes are doing double what they did in HW2 despite having the same 90 damage.

It’s probably not something to do with sphereburst. It’s probably the same bug that effects laser vettes and many many many other units

Here are the test results from a player I trust.

Missile Corvettes:

Draw with Defenders

Beat Light and Heavy Corvette’s with minimal damage taken

Beat Assault Craft with 10-15% losses

Beat Pulsar Corvette’s with 25% losses

Lose to Torpedo Frigates with 40% losses inflicted

Beat Flak Frigates with 85% losses

Beat HW1 Assault Frigates with 40% losses

Lose to Drone Frigates with 55% losses inflicted

Thank you ratamaq for the info. So it looks like HW1 Defenders/Drone Frigates and Hiig Torpedo Frigates are the answer.

Another way is to request a fix to this bug.

Pulsars never were, and never should, be so much weaker than missile corvettes. They’re supposed to be close to even.


Um… are you talking about supply cap vs supply cap there? I don’t really follow how that testing was done.

From the thread:

“Doing a variety of type vs type test with equal value or as close as i can get sets of ships vs each other. I’m going to post the results here for perusal.”

Ah I see. So it was probably like 3 missile vettes vs 2 flak? And they win with a vette or 2 left? That’s rather crazy.

Though I think flak become better the more you have. Once a group of them can one shot burst some vettes, and all.

Well… hope GBX get that fixed soon. Hard to balance the stats with bugs like that around.

I wonder if it also includes the research cost?

For certain units he did small and large scale test. Not sure about that one in perticular.

Thread is here:


Youre welcome to sign-up at relic news and ask him.

I think that the Missile vettes need a slight RoF nerf or something. Maybe a tiny nerf to range as well.

Some testing will need to be done after each formation/stance/pathing adjustment, as these could be large contributors. Possibly as large as HP/Speed//DPS/Cost.

Not for the missile vettes, but for their opponents.

Until such a time, a Higgy player that doesn’t want to have to spam Torps from two carriers and a Mothership can try this…

EMP scouts and plats.

The plats are bait, since the Vaygr player “knows” he will ■■■■ them. 5-7 in a deployed wall will do.

Keep scouts well back, and engage late in single squads.

Plats replace quickly and cheaply, so let one or two die to whet the enemy appetite.

The third or fourth well-placed EMP will most likely cause the enemy to re-evaluate his/her priorities.

Drifting ships and three more plats trundling into range will do that to a person.

You have to really work for the tears in Homeworld, especially when fighting “uphill” against temporarily OP units.

EMP only works against a player who’s not smart enough to split up his corvettes.

Missile damage HAS to go back down to HW2 levels. That, or triple pulsar’s hit points.

It’s really not so simply as “just split them up”

How do you split them up when you’re in a furball with other corvs? You’re supposed to run them off in all different directions where they get shot in the back without being able to retaliate back properly? Then you’ll still at a huge disadvantage.

The EMP range is really huge, it only takes 3 hits when there will usually be many more than 3 groups of scouts, and if they just hit 1/3rd your SC you’re usually boned.

I’m in favor of micro stuff and abilities, but EMPs definitely need to be looked at.

Like making EMP recovery 2.5x faster but reducing EMP cooldown so it can be used more often.

It’s not too terribly difficult to split against the EMP, the hardest part is usually spotting the incoming EMP in time.

I’m all for nerfing EMP though, since right now EMP makes Vaygr dominate the scouting warfare.