Higs vs Vagyr - How to counter missle vettes

The problem with current missiles is far more severe against cols.
It is now very beneficial to move toward enemy patches, and even just use 1 missile on cols while the rest fights and in about every 10 seconds, half the time if you provide 2, you lose a collector. This alone pretty much ends a game.

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Yes, the missile corvette bug means collectors die very fast. Even in missile corv vs missile corv battles, the defender is usually on the losing end because collectors just die so fast. Its especially funny when a game boils down to two players with missile corvettes and no collectors…

I haven’t been playing as much the last two weeks, I’m kinda waiting for the first balance patch to put the game in a better state. Its hard to have a fun skilled game right now, unless everyone agree’s not to do x/y/z etc.

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Same here. I haven’t pkayed online since last weekend I think. Usually I would play daily. I was hoping to be playing a balance mod by now.