Hiigaran Battle Cruiser sound effects


Could you guys replace the Hiigaran Battle Cruiser Ion Cannon and Turrets sound effects with the ones from the classic HW2? The new sounds in the remastered are very good but the old BC sounds were perfect. Specially the unique Ion cannon sound the Hiigaran BC had. The classic Dreadnaught/Sajuuk Beam cannon sound were perfect too. I don’t see why it got changed.

This is more of a request as you can see. Would love to see those classic sound effects back without having to use a mod for it.


I agree with you, but not only the ones you mentioned, they changed a lot others that were perfect for HW2, like the Vaygr lance beams fire and hit fx, same for the trinity cannon, all the destroyer and up kinetic turrets have only one sound instead of the variety from the original and much more, I will never understand the reason behind this.

The only one I can’t remember is the BC Ion cannon, I will need to check that later.

I didn’t notice any change apart from the lance fighters… And also I want the old HW1 bombers sound back… :wink:

Pretty much. The old sounds were perfect. It would be better if they just got those old sound effects and polished them like they did with the cinematics. All the sounds are in the classic version of the game if you wanna go and check. The Hiigaran BC Ion sound was simply badass and made the ship so much better.