Hiigaran gunships make pulsar gunship sounds

When Hiigaran gunships shoot they play the sound that a pulsar gunship would make.

Also heard the kushan destroyer ion turrets are missing their sound effects.


Kushan Ion turrets not making sound is a slip up in the subsystem weapon .events file.

Quick fix:
for kus_destroyerion1.events, change the line { “anim”, “Weapon_Gun0” }, to { “anim”, “Weapon_Gun1” },

for kus_destroyerion2.events, change it the other way, from “weapon_gun1” to “weapon_gun0”

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The pulsar and gunship share the same audio sound, it seems.

In the subsystem file, the hgn_pulsar.event file uses this line:


The gunship’s ship event file, hgn_assaultcorvette.events uses that same sound line for the four kinetic weapons.

Going through the corvette weapon sound files, The vulcan’s fda file is listed as well as some others, including one that would appear to be for the pulsar: weapon_corvette_pulasar_cannon_beam.fda

I don’t have a way to hear these sound files to see if the names got swapped or something, but perhaps someone who does can give these files a listening to? Seems kinda odd that both ships use a kinetic turret sound name while producing pulsar sound effects.