Hiigarans Stole my Flagship!

Not sure whether or not the developers are aware of this little glitch or not, but I was playing a skirmish versus the CPU, and saw a marine frigate board and take over my Taiidan Flagship! (Yes I shouldn’t have left it undefended, but I was just about to win by blowing up the final carrier,… or so I thought.)

You shouldn’t be able to steal an enemy mothership, thats just wrong.

I agree, that does seem silly. A mothership with gawd knows how many people onboard taken over by a bunch of marines.
I can’t recall this being possible in the original game.

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It is one of my favorite HW2 tactics. I have been using it since 2003.

Come From Behind - If you have lost your MS, then take a carrier and cloak it and escort Marines to enemy MS and steal one back.

Offensive - Once Shipyard is online, transfer all research etc. modules from Mothership and prepare to scuttle MS. If enemy MS capture is imminent, then scuttle your MS. Hyper your new MS to old MS position and harvest debris from scuttled MS.


So it was possible in the original game? Interesting, never knew that…

Offensive Shipyard use is another neat trick if you have the RU for the ridiculous hyper costs. It is a beast of a ship and can spit out a load of paused ships in short order.


Yep, always possible. I played quite a few 3v3 games against the CPU and halfway through the game noticed there were more motherships on my team than there should have been. The CPU was being pretty cheeky stealing the enemy ones like that.

You can also order the mothership to kamikaze into another mothership (which usually kills both of them). This used to be a great HW1 strat, since basically rather than teching up normally you’d just turbo until you can build a carrier, hyperspace on top of the other player’s mothership, and kamikaze.

Haven’t quite managed it in remastered, but it should be possible.

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Unless they’ve made it otherwise in the last patch, only strikecraft seem to have the ability to kamikaze. All other ships that don’t have the kamikaze command icon on the bottom right cannot do it, even if you use the hotkey combination. I wonder if this is intentional.

I tried to capture a Vaygr flagship today and it didnt work, is this suppose to work?

hw 1 races cannot steal motherships.

Was playing Hiigaran, used 4 Marine frigates at the same time

Did you still have YOUR Mothership?

There is a unit cap of ONE MS per customer.

Even if you had captured it, as Higgy you would have been crippled with a Vaygr MS.

Always capture your own race’s MS if at all. I am unsure about Shipyards and will have to test it to check functionality.

Capturing a Mothership is a niche tactic, that should only be employed if you have lost yours or have the time and RU to “trade queens”.

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I don’t know if it is a bug. In Mission 7 of Classic HW2, Marine Frigates actually tried to board my mothership (they didn’t succeed), but it seems like enemy capture ships can attempt (and seem to succeed) in capturing enemy motherships. Which is indeed broken behaviour

Nah. Any attempts to capture a ship (when the max cap for that ship was already reached by the capturer) using marine/infiltrator frigates will result in said ship being temporarily disabled similar to having been EMP’ed.

Wait, you can’t use multiple motherships anymore? Awwww… :frowning: